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gonna wanna miss out. (clears throat) All right, September. What a time of the year. The daily temperatures are cooling off, the leaves are beginning to change colors, boost season is nearly upon us, even though I have a
naturally aspirated engine, and I can finally wear my flannels again. The only thing is that
it means that winter is like right around the corner, and we have to put all of our cars away because winter, Wisconsin,
salt, rust, you get the point. But, in the meantime we are
back with another episode of “The Build Sheet” where
today we’re gonna be going over and talking about another
one of those topics that people just get a little,
little bit heated about. But that’s okay, because it’s the internet and people can totally handle
themselves in public comments. Right. Today we’re gonna be talking about why people stretch their tires. (dramatic music) Don’t forget wheels, tires, suspension, FitmentIndustries.com And if you haven’t added
your car to the largest growing online fitment gallery yet, I don’t even know what
to say at this point. Anyway, stretched tires are nothing new when it comes today’s trends
and automotive styling, although it’s still argued
when it actually started or where it originally came from. The most common conclusion is that it came from the
Euro in Volkswagen community over in Germany when the law stated that the tires of the vehicles can not exceed the
fenders of said vehicle. This meant for anyone who wanted to run a wider wheel on their car with some after market
wheels would have to risk either a hefty fine if
they were pulled over and had the tires extended
past their vehicle or they had a second option, which was to stretch their tires. Since then and especially within the last five to 10 years even, we’ve seen stretched
tires are almost the norm when it comes to automotive styling. With cars running stretched tires growing in popularity the question
always comes about as well, why? Why do people run stretched tires or prefer to run a
stretched tire on their car? If you were to ask a
good majority of people, you may run across things
such as better for performance and makes the side wall stiffer, it helps with cornering and all of that. And believe it or not, those are not all the main
reasons, now hear me out. Drift community, they have their benefits, but for most part, it’s for fitment. Hey, imagine that, Fitment Industries talking
about wheel and tire fitment. Amazing! What it all comes down to is that it is a styistic choice for people who wanna run a wider
wheel with a lower offset at a lower ride height. When that happens, when you go lower or
when you lower the car, throw some wider wheels on, get that flush fitment or fender to lip lift fitment, you’re not gonna be able to run the recommended tire size for that wheel. Simply because you would have the tire bashing into your fender
causing a whole lot of mess. When going for this type of fitment there are things that need
to be done to achieve it. Some of those things
include fender rolling and fender pulling, removing
or modifying fender liners. But the cheapest right
off the bat alternative to all of that especially when
initially ordering the wheels would be to switch to a stretched tire. By doing this and pulling
back the side wall, you give yourself enough
room that is needed to clear the inside of your fenders and it’s the easiest
most cost effective way to achieve the fitment that
everyone is trying to go for. Aesthetic, aesthetic, aesthetic. (yelling) (gun shot) It’s basically all it is. This is a key point people are going for with stretched tires, it’s really not for any
other particular reason. It allows the fitment they desire especially when looking at the Euro scene with people running fender to lip cars, or that are on air suspension
that want that like, you know, the aero, you get that beautiful just like the pssssssk. Just right between, the lip and tire. So why do people get so heated about cars with stretched tires or
stretched tires in general? Well, there always comes a concern of is it safe or is it legal? And the truth is, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a little bit of tire stretch, to achieve the look that you want. And the risk of anything like debeading or blowing a tire is very minimal. However, if it ended there
with a little bit of stretch, just what you need, got a little bit of aggressive
fitment, that would be it. We wouldn’t be having this conversation, but that’s not the case is it bud? No! Because there are people out there that are running an
absolutely massive stretch to the point of having like inches, literally (beep) inches
of the barrel or lip of their wheels exposed. And that is where we start
to see the comment section start to blow up and get
just a little bit messy. However, here is the
consensus of all that. The truth is, today’s
tires are a lot more rugged than they used to be. They’re stronger, they’re
designed to take a beating and be pushed to their limits a little more than tires back in the day. Tires like Nankang, Falken and Dunlop are some of the go-to choices when it comes to stretching
because they can take it, they are flexible but
they are able to support that much stretch. And of course, if you’re in the market for those tires, we have them available. www.FitmentIndustries.com There’s the plug. So with a minimal stretch, the possibility of something
happening is almost none. However, when we start seeing tire stretch that would be considered
excessive to some people for lack of a better term, is when we start to
hear the horror stories of tires debeading and cars
going flying into curbs and smashing up the lips
and grinding down the lips and all that kind of stuff, that doesn’t sound like a lot of fun. And honestly, that’s just the risk that you’re gonna have to take if you want to stretch your tire that far. Probably something most of us
would never do to their car. However, this is precisely the reason why those people that do
that, actually do that. Love it or hate it, you’ll
always take a second glance at the car that is running
some pretty extreme stretch. And with the possibility of things like debeading or damaging
parts of your wheel or having the old guy at the car show yell at you to get the right tire size, you gotta admit it takes
some courage to do that. But like I said, what it all comes down to is tire stretching is an aesthetic– Aesthetic! Modification for both look and getting the desired wheel fitment and we don’t see it
going away any time soon. So go ahead and let us
know down in the comments what your thoughts are on stretched tires or maybe the craziest stretch you’ve seen at a car show or online or anything like that. We’d love to hear it, we know there’s some pretty
wild setups out there. But I’m Charles from Fitment Industries, don’t forget to subscribe. Wheels, tires, suspension,
that whole thing, FitmentIndustries.com We will see you later. Peace!

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