Why I choose humanism over faith | Leo Igwe

Why I choose humanism over faith | Leo Igwe

Something happened while I was studying in the seminary and training to be a priest. I came in contact
with a different idea of life. An idea of life that contradicted
the main teachings of religion — humanism. Some of you may be wondering,
what on earth is humanism? Humanism is a way of thinking and living that emphasizes the agency
of human beings. Humanism stresses the fact
that we, human beings, are capable of changing the world. That we have the power
to make a difference in our lives, both individually and collectively, without recourse to some outside force. It may interest you to know
that the best humanist lessons I learned were not from reading philosophy books or from poring over humanist
manifestos and declarations. No, not at all. The best humanist lesson I learned
was from the life of my own parents. My parents come
from a poor family background in Mbaise, in southeastern Nigeria. They had limited opportunities. But my parents did not allow
the circumstances of their bad upbringing to determine the ambition and dreams
for themselves and for their children. My father worked part-time,
trained as a teacher, and rose to become a headmaster
at a local primary school. My mother dropped out
of school quite early, because her mother, my grandmother,
could not afford her education. As a parent, my mother worked very hard, combining farming, petty trading
and taking care of my siblings and me. By the time I was born — that was shortly after
the Nigerian civil war — life was very difficult,
a struggle day by day. My family was living in a hut. With the eye of a child,
I can still see water dripping from the thatched roof
of our house when it rained. My father reared goats
to supplement the family income. And part of my duty
after school hours or during vacation was to feed these goats. There was no electricity,
no pipe with water. We trekked to fetch water
from the nearby streams. That was an easy work in the wet season, but kilometers when it was hot and dry. Through hard work and perseverance, my parents were able
to erect a block apartment and send my siblings and me to school. They made it possible for us
to enjoy a standard of living which they never did and to attain educational levels which they only imagined
when they were growing up. My parents’ life, their story,
is my best lesson in humanism. So as a humanist,
I believe that human beings are challengers, not prisoners of faith. Our destinies are in our hands,
not predetermined. And it’s left for us to shape
our lives and destinies to reflect our best hopes and aspirations. I believe that human beings have the power to turn situations of poverty
into those of wealth and prosperity. We have the capacity
to alleviate suffering, extend life, prevent diseases, cure debilitating ailments,
reduce infant mortality and preserve our planet. But we cannot accomplish all these goals
by wishful thinking with our eyes closed or by armchair speculation
or by expecting salvation from empty sky. In contrast, millions of Africans
imagine that their religious faith will help their dream come true, and they spend so much time
praying for miracles and for divine intervention
in their lives. In 2009, a Gallup survey in 114 countries revealed that religiosity was highest
in the world’s poorest nations. In fact, six of the 10 countries
where 95 percent of the population said that religion was an important part
of their daily lives, were African. In some cases, religion drives
many Africans to extraordinary length: to attack other human beings,
to commit ritual killing, targeting those living with albinism, those with a humpback, and as I recently learned,
those with a bald head. In Africa, superstition is widespread, with so many people
believing in witchcraft, something that has no basis
in reason or in science. Yet alleged witches, usually women,
children and elderly persons are still routinely attacked,
banished and killed. And I’ve made it part of my life’s mission to end witchcraft accusation
and witch persecution in Africa. So as a humanist, I believe
in a proactive approach to life. The changes that we want
cannot be achieved only by dreaming but require doing as well. The challenges that we face cannot go away if we recoil and retreat into our shells,
wishing and imagining that those problems will somehow
magically disappear. The good life that we desire
will not fall like manna from heaven. My parents did not erect a block apartment
by wishing and dreaming. They worked hard, they failed,
they tried again. They toiled with rolled-up sleeves, with their hands deep in debt,
they plowed ahead, growing their dreams into reality. So as a humanist, I believe
we must be adventurous and even daring. The path of success is paved
with risk and uncertainties. We have to muster the will and courage
to do what people have never done. To think what people have never thought. Envisage what people have never imagined. Go to places human beings
have not been to. And succeed where people
have tried but failed. We must be ready to explore new frontiers
of knowledge and understanding and attempt doing
not just what is possible but also what is seemingly impossible. But I realize that at the end of the day, our efforts do not always
yield our desires. We fail, we suffer
disappointments and setbacks. Some problems, such as wars and conflict,
poverty and diseases and other natural and human-made disasters seem as if they may never go away. Solutions to old problems
have led to new dangers, new cures to diseases
have resulted in new health risks. But the fact that these problems persist and that solutions sometimes
create their own problems is not a reason for us
to give up or to resign. It’s not a reason for us to think
that our efforts are of no consequence. In fact, there is fulfillment in striving, and trying to provide
answers and solutions to the problem humanity faces even when the likely outcome is failure. So as a humanist, I believe
we must not despair for humanity. Even in the face
of overwhelming difficulties and in the bleakest of circumstances. Human beings are creative beings. We have the power to generate new ideas,
new solutions and new cures. So why despair when the unexpected
knocks on the horizon? It is in our nature to create anew,
to be inventive and innovative, so why languish in idle expectation
of a savior from above? So it is time for us Africans
to take our destiny in our hands and realize we have agency
in the scheme of life. We need to put an end
to this game of blame that has prevented us from taking
full responsibility for our own lives. For too long, we have been
prisoners of our past. We have allowed despair
and pessimism to drain us, drain our energies,
limit our imaginations and dim our vision
for a better and brighter future. We have let this continent flounder. Why passing the buck like a Frisbee? We’ve blamed slavery, colonialism
and the new colonialism for the woes we experience,
including our own self-inflicted wounds. We have conducted ourselves in ways that seem as if Africa
is damned and doomed. And that all these experiences in history have irreversibly, irreparably foreclosed
the chances and possibility for Africa to emerge, thrive
and flourish. We must realize that there is
no part of the world that has not been colonized
or enslaved in the past. And if other parts of the world
have moved on, why can’t we, now? So as a humanist, I believe
that the past is gone; we cannot change it, we cannot alter it. But the future beckons us on
with limitless possibilities to recreate, reshape
and remake our destinies. So let’s all of us seize this opportunity. And as my parents did,
begin the urgent task of rebuilding Africa, brick by brick. Let’s give free reign
to our ideas and imaginations, as demonstrated at this TEDGlobal 2017. Let’s open our hearts and minds. And exert our energy,
intelligence and ingenuity and begin the urgent task
of rebuilding Africa and of transforming this continent into a citadel of unrivaled
prosperity and civilization. This is what I believe as a humanist,
as an African humanist. Thank you. (Applause)


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    karen tiede

    👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎 One pair of working hands does more than a thousand hands clasped.

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    Sarah H

    It's not enough to work hard and change your mental outlook. Real change occurs with collective political action. For example it doesn't matter how hard you work if your economy is rigged for extreme inequality, or you work hard but your tax dollars go to religious pro-abstinence-until-marriage and forced-birth organizations.

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    Samira Gadri

    Excellent talk, too bad it goes against the victim narrative and will be dismissed by the western social justice warriors.

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    Looking forward to: 'Why I chose Humanism over Feminism.' I guess Cassie Jaye's TEDx vid is the nearest we'll get from you about that.

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    David Ball

    The issue with this talk is his conflation of the local superstitions with the organized, driving religions of the west.

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    Matthew Wagner

    Having chosen faith over humanism, I think that while you make some astute observations, I think you get a few things wrong.

    First, the idea that God gives anyone anything without work is unbiblical. One of the central ideas of Proverbs is that a person must work hard in his/her life in order to be successful. Proverbs 10:4 – A slack hand causes poverty, but the hand of the diligent makes rich.

    Second, towards the end of the talk you were speaking of forgiveness and the lack of it in parts of Africa (this was in reference to slavery). One of the central tenets to Christianity is forgiveness. It’s something that Jesus demonstrated continuously. Just because there are unwise Christians in the world who choose not to embrace the teachings of mercy and diligence does not mean that those two concepts aren’t inherently built into faith.

    One final note. To the people who say that religion has been used to “justify” killing each other throughout history and therefore it cannot be trusted I say this: can you think of anything that has not been tainted by the desires of self absorbed people in one way or another? All forms of government have been used in one way or another to create systemic oppression of some population or another. Science is no different either. Fossil fuels and industrialization, while useful for human advancement, poison the planet and wreck it for future generations. Anyway the point I’m trying to make here is that selfish human expression of action is not indicative of divine intention.

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    Tim Williams

    Africans, if you live by the supernatural, you die by the supernatural, just look around you if you need confirmation of it.

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    Achromatizing Dawn

    I enjoyed the broader concept that came with his ideals. I do feel that he lost some appeal and gusto by singularizing and narrowing the message.

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    There’s big connection between humanism and faith. What’s faith without humanism? And what’s humanism without faith? Faith is when you believe you can do anything.

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    Peteyz Zed

    Black Christianity is the last and strongest legacy of Slavery, a belief system forced on people whose lives and culture were systematically destroyed by those that enslaved them..

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    Yahia Khaled

    Believing in both is the best. Our existence is the best proof that God exists there is nothing that is created by itself.

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    Mohammed Ghaïth

    Well, the one who hears this would think that humans are so powerful and are kings! Where, in fact, humans are simple and as fragile as a feather! 🙂
    I wonder if this man believes that we, as humans, can prevent the sun from rising! 😀

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    Incase anyone is wondering…. Humanism is Satanism. Almost all people in positions of power consider themselves humanist and or Gods. They believe the god of the bible was the bad guy that locked Adam and Eve in the garden of eden and with Satans help he set them free from bondage and are responsible for the world we have today.

    Whenever you meet someone like this guy that considers themselves a Humanist aka Satanist aka Their own God ask them to create a universe for you simply put they are wrong. I urge each and everyone here to YouTube WILLIAM BILL COOPER and listen to the words of wisdom and knowledge he bestowed on this world before he was brutally murdered

    Rest In Peace
    William "Bill" Cooper
    May 6th 1943 – November 5th 2001

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    a.d.w. n.

    Africa can greatly improve if more Africans had his mindset. My fellow brothers and sisters of the black race all over the world are way too religious. We are the most religious but the furthest behind. Yes, much of it is because of slavery and colonialism. However, when will we realize that our attachment to religion and our rejection of progress is also because of slavery and colonialism? These factors have made it to where the black race is stagnant while others were allowed to progress and learn. It is time Africans embrace the ideal of making things better for the future and stop equating progressive thoughts such as gender equality, science and other topics as "not African". I believe there are beautiful lessons all religions can teach us, from Christianity, Islam, Buddism, Jainism, The Bahai faith and so on. However, I wish people would not take it so literally.

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    Vanie Chan

    This topic is nonsense, without faith chaos will prevail. If I don't have faith then I have to repeat every scientific experiment done by scientist in the past just to believe.

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    Tranquil Lee

    This meant so much to me as a fellow humanist of African descent. For so long I have felt alone in my beliefs and so nice to finally see others like me out there and know that I am in fact not alone.

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    Nomso Opara

    Beautiful speech! Noble heart also but there's still so much to learn about God. God doesn't only show up in organised religions. Man created religions and tried to trap God in them; so when God does show up in a religion, it is only out of mercy. See, God wants us to have a beautiful relationship with Him like a Father to a child or husband to a bride. He would blow your mind with amazing ideas and causes like yours and better. If you ask Him to show Himself to you, He will. You are totally right about religious mental prisons though. Really sucks!

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    If you a man or woman of ANY faith are reading this, sit down with me for a minute. Many of you will argue, (think of this a separate argument for now) that life has inherent meaning and we are lawless creatures without given purpose. Most of the time, an atheist, humanist, nihilist, will approach this in a way that doesn’t translate too well. Hear me. My faith fell over two years ago and I was adamant about finding my “meaning” in this world. At first I was nihilist. Thinking that belief was ridiculous so I simply don’t need to believe anything, but as time went on, I adapted. Through the pain of my transition I figured, why waste time? I can simply learn all I can about the FACTUALLY TESTABLE AND CONSISTENT universe, then I’ll begin to draw my conclusions. Two weeks ago, I began my journey back into philosophy and theist and atheist debates. Aside from a book I read, containing the excerpts from various letters written by Einstein himself, I barely if ever studied anything on philosophy or religion. I was interested to see what this new transition would present, and I tell you, I found a pretty profound argument for a pattern, and in my opinion almost a natural coincidence. Before I dive into this, let me first go over some quick discrepancies.

    First I’d like to make it clear, this IS mostly an Anecdotal argument. One could say that these ideal are definitely coherent with that of many men and women, Hitchens, Dawkins, this TED presenter, but keep in mind my argument in a Personal Testimony. I am setting out to help you understand something that I feel is almost an imitation of nature, one that argues for Nature Moralism without spirituality, divinity, or metaphysics. Second, I am not an expert in these fields, for Christianity, I grew up in the faith and for a period was unshakingly devoted to Christ. As for the science, though I payed attention in school, took personal fascination in science and I have spent years observing the progress, read research here and there, ran undocumented simple experiments, and countless hours watching and reading scientific articles and videos. This does NOT make my views and interpretations 100% valid. I may “know my stuff”, but I actively advocate that you seek out these ideas and studies on your own. Third, my whole point on this argument is that it might influence you to seek these things with an open mind and viscous hunger for knowledge. Finally, I love humanity, if you will take my word for it, i do not mean to attack anyone for their “beliefs” I simply ask you to look outside of your box and explore the unknown.

    Now, to the subject at hand. Let me first thank you for taking the time to read through this, or at least skim through to get to the point, my discrepancies may not be for everyone, but are important to relay some thoughts I’d hope you would view as honest. My statement here is important, to me and hopefully the world one day. (This is a Point that i will get to soon) I do not take this words lightly as they have become very passionate in my mind.

    After years of being raised in the faith, the idea of being given meaning was everything, it’s hard to let go of and it’s painful to lose. I’ll save the death of my faith for another writing in order to save your leisure. When I lost that faith, the whole idea of “life has no purpose we are here by accident” was terrifying to me. The more I studied science, the more I realized how small we really are. This isn’t to be understated when I think back to those words said by Carl Sagan and many great men after him, “this Pale Blue Dot”. I won’t waste time spouting refutation towards religious validity. This has to do with realizing that we are small and that we really Do Not Matter, because when our time is up, nothing will be left in the grand scale to remember us and we will remain a “Pale Blue Dot” faded into a lost past. That hurts, that is one of he most painful ideas I’ve ever experienced. As i grew and continued to explore myself and the science of reality, much came in the way of suggesting Humanism. I often talked with my very close friend who had always been Atheist. He taught me much in the way of science. Many times he and I discussed where I was at in my thoughts. At the time I identified with Nihilism, I figured my distaste for the word, “Belief” fit nicely with it. Though, he still continued through the whole process to call me a Humanist. I didn’t know the word, but by general context, I guess I assumed it made sense. Not once till today did I explore the term Humanism. It seemed fitting, but I didn’t care to embrace it. Today, i have a bit of a revelation that i really care to share with you, my former brother under God. These past to weeks of once again engaging in philosophical, atheist, and today humanist ideology, has shown me a beautiful pattern. All that I acquired in my own partially isolated ideology was congruent with these people and this amazing TED presenter. I am in no way claiming that I am special or that I’ve am amazing for coming to this conclusion on my own. No, this is profoundly comforting to me. This is the most important imitation of a miracle to me. I always thought that if given a scientific understanding, one would eventually land in a highly relative moralism. Call it a hypothetical thought experiment, but the words spoken by the people I’ve lately listened to have brought me to tears. Clearly, I must have confirmed my suspicions. If there IS an INHERENT, GIVEN, PURPOSE OR MEANING TO LIFE, THEN THIS IS IT. Humanism isn’t a label religion, it doesn’t pretend to be anything special, it’s just a good title for what I Believe to be coherent in the true Human Desire. We really do want to live in a world of peace, when we cast aside Fear Of God, we can truly look at eachother as Equal. When you see the Pale Blue Dot, you will be able to see the Love, Pain, Struggle, Triumph, Exploration, Yearnings, and Integrity of humanity. I quote Charles Chaplin, “We all want to help one another, human beings are like that.
    We want to live by each other's happiness.
    Not by each other's misery.
    We don't want to hate and despise one another.
    And this world has room for everyone, and the good Earth is rich can provide for everyone.”

    We as human beings must all fall into the same category when we each understand how small and insignificant we are. However, when you see that perspective, it is Inherently impossible to ignore the Absolute Magnitude of our Importance and Ability as a whole. Humanity Is Capable of incredibly great Accomplishment, Mental Ascension, Love, Empathy, and Progress. We have the power to save this Planet, to keep children from starving, to stop war, to hopefully reach the Stars, explore and expand. We have the power to become almost as gods ourselves, but we can ONLY achieve this in cooperation. So tell me, WHY would you not want to be a part of this? Why would you let religion Belittle the Progress of mankind? Because a book, voice from above, tealeaf reader, or preacher at the pulpit told you that we are worthless, submit your eternity to my service? I can no longer accept that. I vastly Love humanity and seek a deeper relationship with our evolution. I can’t image the satisfaction that I would have if for some reason I could be alive and have contributed to the next major advancement for humanity. Meaninglessness isn’t so bad when you get to prescribe it yourself, especially when it happens to fit many others based entirely and only on compassion.

    Forgive me if I’ve taken more time than you wished, maybe you wished not at all. I absolutely encourage you to ask me anything, but more so to seek the knowledge yourself. Know that I, a now “found” Humanist, have tried to relay the idea that I love you, I love my neighbors, I love my enemies, I love the life that walks this Earth. Not because I’m told to, but because it makes sense and it’ll be the only thing that works on this Pale Blue Dot. I’d like to end this with something that I as of late hold dear to my heart. Once you no longer fear god and want a meaning, think of this; a few simple words from Anti-Theist and Youtuber, @Aron Ra, “If you want your life to mean something, try to make someone else’s life meaningful.” I cannot argue with that Logic, empathy is a great tool and it is evolved in us dispute the repression of belief systems. I hope that my words have meant something to you. Take them as you will and have a wonderful day.

    -Aaron S Hoelle

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    Peter Cho

    Mother of Salvation: Humanism will become the substitute for Christianity where no mention of God will be uttered
    Friday, August 8th, 2014 @ 21:15
    My child, as Christians the world over continue to be persecuted, mocked and sneered at, be aware also that they will divide amongst themselves. Each one to his own; each to his own desire and each to his own interpretation as to what it really means to serve my beloved Son.
    While people are frightened by the terror by which Christians have to live their daily lives at the hands of wicked men, they must know that this is but just one form of scourging, which those who proclaim the Word of Jesus have to endure. Every attempt to undermine Christianity is being made by governments, human rights organisations and other powers that claim to promote the welfare of humanity. Humanism will become the substitute for Christianity where no mention of God will be uttered.
    Humanism, the rationalism used by the evil one to encourage people to use science to undermine the Divinity of my Eternal Father, will devour the world. On the outside its smooth tones will convince any man, who does not have love in his heart for God, that it is more desirable than the Truth. To convince man that humanism is superior to the Word of God is the ultimate goal of my Son’s enemies. Humanism provides a cunning cover for the traitors within my Son’s Church who desire to be seen to be loving, caring and vocal about the needs of others. They will preach humanism and all its empty promises from the pulpits in Christian Churches until, virtually, no mention will be made of the importance of salvaging your souls. Sin will be dismissed as being a way to avoid conflict in the world but not recognised as being a real thing.
    The greatest deception of all time has descended and soon all of you will find it difficult to remain loyal to the Truth. The Truth brings understanding and a realisation of what it takes to achieve true peace and love in your soul. It means that you will know the Love, as well as the Justice of God. It also means that you will be aware of God’s Mercy.
    When all mention of sin is eradicated and when my Son’s Church no longer refers to the importance of salvaging your soul, you will know then that the times are upon you and that my Son’s Time is close.
    Your beloved Mother
    Mother of Salvation

    The Book of Truth online
    Messages from God Jesus and Mary to last prophet Maria Divine Mercy from Heaven. Second Coming of Jesus Christ

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    Peter Cho

    The only danger to humanity is man himself
    Thursday, January 1st, 2015 @ 23:50
    My dearly beloved daughter, the person who perseveres in prayer will become closer to Me.
    With so much confusion in the world and amongst My Church on earth, the challenge for humanity is to be able to differentiate between right and wrong in the Eyes of God. But, for many Christians, they will be drawn away from Me by a new global form of evangelisation, which will focus exclusively on politics. Instead of being encouraged to remain loyal to Me and trusting in all that I Am, you will be pulled away from Me. You must never confuse My Word with the aspirations of a secular world. I have always made it clear to humanity, through My Father’s Book, of the dangers in doing so. A secular world serves only its own needs and men of power, ambition and selfish aspirations create the rules, which govern it.
    So much misinformation has been spread in relation to the environment, when only God can dictate how the earth behaves. Man may harm and damage the earth but he can never destroy it, for all these things are in the Hands of God. A lack of trust in God means that man believes he has control over the universe. The foolish man thinks that his actions can change God’s Laws. The wise man knows that God is All Powerful and as long as He is revered, and His Laws adhered to, then man’s survival will be secured. The survival of the earth has nothing to do with mortal man. Only God has the power to control the air that you breathe; the water you drink and the ability to sustain life. The only danger to humanity is man himself.
    Man will fool others in the interests of self-gain. He will lie if it is to his advantage and when it suits him. Trust is easily broken and now you are living in an era where you must know that the earth will remain as it was before and that any climate upheaval is by the Hand of God. Man’s intervention in such a divine creation will only be permitted if it is according to the Will of God.
    My Church is My Body. All those who believe in Me are part of My Body. Those who are part of Me will follow My Teachings. Those who say they lead My followers must abide by the Word of God. Their role is to defend the Truth – not deviate from it.
    If you are being pulled away from Me, and if My Word is being rejected by the world, then the duty of My sacred servants is to remind the world of what is right and what is wrong. When they remove themselves from matters, which concern the soul in exchange for matters, which amount to socialism, then know that this is a subtle and cunning deception. It also betrays all trust in Me.

    Your Jesus

    The Book of Truth online
    Messages from God Jesus and Mary to last prophet Maria Divine Mercy from Heaven. Second Coming of Jesus Christ

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    mo Gabriel

    The Abrahamic faiths are inheritianly humanistic in their discourse and if practiced to their true beliefs are egalaterian in their outlook

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    Pablo Paul

    Im not sure if you would have humanism if it wasnt because Jesus and Catholisism promoted the idea. To leave faith out of humanism is just ignorant.

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    Jake M.

    To my understanding, there is a lot more to Huminism than what this dude just discribed. I am a Christian and do not in anyway, shape, or form believe my lack of success is because of my faith. This dude needs to do some more studying on what huminism actually is, and also look closer into the real Jesus because His place in history and the accounts of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. His parents life is not enough to convince me that Humanism is better than Christianity.

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    Some people saying him to just do good things without labelling. Well, as a humanist, my actions are far too insignificant to create a meaningful impact. Important changes will only be possible as a group. Labelling is important because it creates awareness and therefore inspire others to do the same.

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    Jimmy Singer

    This guy is confused as to what faith really is. It doesn’t mean all your prayers are answered and you don’t have to work hard to achieve your goals, quite the opposite actually. Belief in and worshiping God does not contradict his vision of an African people who work hard to improve their ways of life, in fact it strengthens it.

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    Dores Nalwanga

    You made my soul cry! You are the one and please how can we send this message to our countries in Africa. Every African should be for a better Africa tomorrow. We have our past but we can't let it define us. Things have to change one way or another for our children and grand children.

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    Stuart Knechtle

    Here’s why you should not and the ideology is weak-


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    I'm watching Star Trek at the moment, and their over idea in the show, is Humanism. It's really opening my eyes to human potential and possibilities. Humans aren't perfect, and that is OK, because we can always do better, it's within our grasps.

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    John Chidiebube Okpara

    Did he say anything that Christianity haven't say or tried to abolish in African religions and abuse of Christianity? No. The goal of Christianity is that man be fully alive. Humans poison religion.

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    Today's Manna

    Unless you can create and renew life from nothing/scratch, your purpose is to surrender and serve The Giver of Life our Creator.

    "The probability of forming a simple cell by chance processes is infinitely less likely than having a blind person select one specifically marked grain of sand out of an entire earth filled with sand"
    Evolutionist Harold Morowitz.

    All life forms contain unique and highly complex coded information courtesy of intelligent design our Creator.

    Christianity is the result of pagans stealing and distorting the true teachings that were given to the Black Israelites.

    Humanism is a fallacy! Why? Because one's personal beliefs will always infringe/takeaway anothers personal beliefs.


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    The Skeptical Skeptic

    As humanists, we do not take comfort in the faith that everything will be okay in the end, but we instead know full well how many problems there are in the world, and take fate into our own hands by trying to solve them!

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    jane Patton

    Now just convince the other 7.5 billion people in the world to do good and put the needs of others before themselves.

    This is titled "Why I choose humanism over faith", but he may not be bright enough to understand that what he's suggesting is not the abandonment of faith, but the realigning of our faith on mankind to do what's right.

    So with that, I have to say that this man's faith is exponentially great.

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    Saundra Monroe

    His views on being a humanist is still based on faith, and in his own words is a form of imprisonment (“prisoners of faith”). He stated that he BELIEVES being a humanist is based on challenges and thus making humanist challengers.

    His faith is in humanism, and he worships humans. The greatest of his worshipping is his parents. Doesn’t this still make him a “prisoner of faith”?

    Repent of you sins and accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Jesus is the only way to the Father. And he can set you free, and give you a life more abundantly.

    Romans 8:3
    For what the law was powerless to do because it was weakened by the flesh,[a] God did by sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh to be a sin offering.[b] And so he condemned sin in the flesh

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    okay your are not christian and you are secular atheist just dont force your beliefs on me got it and i wont force my beliefs on you. i think God wanted to give people the freedom to choose or reject him otherwise he would have just created robots with no freewill.

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    My parents are African Christians. They work hard daily to escape their debt and allow their children to life a life they could never imagine. They believe that nothing will ever happen if one does put in the time and effort, as well as expect failure. They perform in the same manner as your parents do, and as you wish to do, and yet every single bit of success is attributed to God.
    They pray daily, have 5 days in which they go to church per week, and once a month they will stay up through the night till the morning in perpetual prayer and supplication. The speaker opposes the superstitious beliefs that Africans hold in which faith alone is enough to do great things. And yet the Bible says, "Faith without works is dead" (James 2:26). We as Christians put God first because we know that all things are done BY grace, THROUGH a faith that takes physical action.
    I do not exclude non-Christians who may or may not be Humanists from success in life, but I do fear for you shortsightedness. The greatest person in the world who one day solves the world hunger crisis, global warming, etc. still isn't likely to live past the age of 100. Science may one day extend lifespans into the hundreds and maybe even thousands, but by then we have only just caught up to the days of the Bible. Even back then people pursued God. this is because he is the one way to eternal life.
    I don't possess enough biblical knowledge to educate those who read this in the perfect peace provided by God, the fact that it is in our nature to pursue the only thing that is Eternal, or that our creativity, endless pursuit of growth, and every other collective personality trait is a gift from our Creator, the one who Eternally loves us and forever wishes to deepen the relationship between us. That is why I go to my parents with questions, even at almost 17 years of age. The only thing I can say is that you aren't wrong: superstition in Africa is a problem, but it is not solved through denying God, but rather accepting the reality of who he is and what is required of us, along with the true growth that comes with it.

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    Humanism is occult
    you can be delivered in the name of Jesus Christ

    watch this video by late Christian preacher Derek Prince


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