Why I’m Studying Civil Engineering With ECU – Bojan’s Story

Why I’m Studying Civil Engineering With ECU – Bojan’s Story

My name is Bojan Markoski and I am studying
Civil Engineering at ECU. Start of when I was young my dad was an Architect and he was
involved in a lot of buildings and what not so as I was growing up I was always looking
at different buildings going up so in High School I learned more about Civil Engineering
and that was the obvious choice for me. Usually we go a few weeks into the semester we learn
theories and then we go into lab and we apply those theories to real world well sort of
real world problems and I have already used some of those things that we’ve used in
these labs in my work. I approached the City of Stirling I have been
working there for two and half years and I approached them to do a project based on the
lack of information they had on existing drainage data and I had discussions with ECU and they
had the facilities available to be able to do scale model testing of road drainage. The
data that I produced is now incorporated into drainage design to provide an increased accuracy
in designs. Everything is available online so I missed a lot of the lectures and most
classes have even recordings so any time after work I can go home and look at the lectures
online and do the tutorials. The lecturers offer great help I have had lecturers that
even come in on weekends to help me and offer private tutoring sessions so yeah in terms
of that the flexibility is really good for students working part time.
The School of Engineering is new, it’s got brand new laboratories in all engineering
fields; what that means for me is I am able to use state of the art equipment that you
would use in the work force it gives you an extra edge if you like, to other people who
haven’t used these sorts of machineries and equipment. All of the lecturers that I
have had so far have probably been Drs and have numerous publications, they’re leaders
in their field, they’ve had you know years and years of experience which helps me a lot
because I am able to learn from the best in the industry. But mostly all units have had
a practical assessment whether it is a lab or a site investigation and you get to go
and apply engineering theory into a real world problem, which enhances your learning so much
more than just by books.


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