Why Make An Impact On Society

My question is, you talk
a lot about serving, I’m only thinking about serving, want these people to leave with something, whether or not it’s my product, something they can take
home and implement, impact their lives. When did you realize, in
your platform closing career, your speaking career, that’s all I’m gonna focus
on, impact and serving? Well, there are two incidents
that happened, right? So first, is when I hit 30 years old, that one day I got in the morning, I had tears coming down my cheek. Yes. And I was crying. I didn’t know why I was crying, I would just have this
depression coming over me. Which I don’t get depressed.
Right. It doesn’t happen to me. And I realized, up to that
point the way I lived my life that I’d grown a company
and made a lot of money, but I wasn’t being who
I wanted to be, right? ‘Cause I was 20 to 30 years old, you see today, more and more pro. But you can see from
time to time I have that. Yeah. Right? But I was all that before, I was all that. Like that, right, I was that, and more. Okay. Wasn’t treating very
many people very nice. Okay. Wasn’t, just arrogant. Because I felt I was so smart. And I’m smart, but it’s
a wrong attitude, right? So when I hit 30 years old,
when that happens, depression, and that’s when I realize, okay, I need to look for something else. So remember, my both mom and
dad they’re pearls right? And my Big Dan, my mentor’s
extreme ruby, right? You guys know. [Crowd] Yes. Yeah, so, the first, I thought that was the way you
have to be to be successful. I didn’t have any other role model, and I had a fine father figure. So, from there I tried to be Big Dan. Okay. Like, do what he does, and all that. And I got to a certain
point, but I wasn’t happy. So that was first turning point. Right. Okay, so then I realized
I went to deep dive in terms of spiritual work, in
terms of even religious work, I did a lot of studying. And I found my kinda new path, right? So that’s number one. Second is when my father
passed away, right? When I’m chasing a deal. That was just chasing the next success, and I thought that would make him proud, but in fact he passed away. I couldn’t, I missed that chance. That’s when I realized that’s
not what life is about. Because when my father passed away, I’m like, okay, it’s real. The people closest to you,
they could, they could leave. And then now I started asking
what’s my legacy, right? What I wanna be. Do I want to keep going,
I can make a lotta money? Which I’m very good at,
making money, no problem. But then I would think
about one thing that I saw when I went to the Bruce
Lee grave, in Seattle. You know, I was there, every five minutes there’s someone going there. Every five minutes, after all these years. Every five minutes, from
all kinds of backgrounds, from all kinds of countries, people bring flowers and all that. I’m like, that’s a legacy,
right, that’s a legacy. He’s an iconic martial arts actor that lives through all this age. And I’m not saying I’m
Bruce Lee or anything, I’m just saying that, wow! So that inspires me. That’s when I shift my focus into that. I don’t need to use my ability to prove that I could be successful, generate money, revenue, I’m
damn fucking good at that. I don’t need that any more. In fact, you guys don’t know, right now, when I came back right in the
middle, when we got back home I’m setting up a new Dan Lok foundation. I wanna be able to give back
to education and health. Wow. So we’re just in the
middle of setting that out, where we structure my
entire company, right? Want to be able to do that, to create sustainable
funding that could do that. That’s incredible. Where I said I could use my intelligence to grow a company, but I could also do that at the same time. That’s amazing. I have that ability, that I don’t need to, you know what I mean, I
wanna be able to use that. That’s incredible Thank you. Thank you (audience applauds)

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