Why people believe weird things | Michael Shermer

Why people believe weird things | Michael Shermer

I’m Michael Shermer,
director of the Skeptics Society, publisher of “Skeptic” magazine. We investigate claims of the paranormal, pseudo-science, fringe groups and cults,
and claims of all kinds between, science and pseudo-science
and non-science and junk science, voodoo science, pathological science,
bad science, non-science, and plain old non-sense. And unless you’ve been on Mars recently, you know there’s a lot of that out there. Some people call us debunkers,
which is kind of a negative term. But let’s face it, there’s a lot of bunk. We are like the bunko squads
of the police departments out there — well, we’re sort of like
the Ralph Naders of bad ideas, (Laughter) trying to replace bad ideas
with good ideas. I’ll show you an example of a bad idea. I brought this with me, this was given to us
by NBC Dateline to test. It’s produced by the Quadro
Corporation of West Virginia. It’s called the Quadro 2000 Dowser Rod. (Laughter) This was being sold to high-school
administrators for $900 apiece. It’s a piece of plastic with a Radio
Shack antenna attached to it. You could dowse for all sorts of things, but this particular one was built
to dowse for marijuana in students’ lockers. (Laughter) So the way it works
is you go down the hallway, and you see if it tilts
toward a particular locker, and then you open the locker. So it looks something like this. I’ll show you. (Laughter) Well, it has kind of a right-leaning bias. Well, this is science,
so we’ll do a controlled experiment. It’ll go this way for sure. (Laughter) Sir, do you want to empty
your pockets, please, sir? (Laughter) So the question was, can it actually
find marijuana in students’ lockers? And the answer is,
if you open enough of them, yes. (Laughter) (Applause) But in science, we have to keep track
of the misses, not just the hits. And that’s probably the key lesson
to my short talk here: This is how psychics work, astrologers,
tarot card readers and so on. People remember the hits
and forget the misses. In science, we keep the whole database, and look to see if the number
of hits somehow stands out from the total number
you’d expect by chance. In this case, we tested it. We had two opaque boxes: one with government-approved THC
marijuana, and one with nothing. And it got it 50 percent of the time — (Laughter) which is exactly what you’d expect
with a coin-flip model. So that’s just a fun little example
here of the sorts of things we do. “Skeptic” is the quarterly publication.
Each one has a particular theme. This one is on the future of intelligence. Are people getting smarter or dumber? I have an opinion of this myself
because of the business I’m in, but in fact, people, it turns out,
are getting smarter. Three IQ points per 10 years, going up. Sort of an interesting thing. With science, don’t think of skepticism
as a thing, or science as a thing. Are science and religion compatible? It’s like, are science
and plumbing compatible? They’re just two different things. Science is not a thing. It’s a verb. It’s a way of thinking about things. It’s a way of looking for natural
explanations for all phenomena. I mean, what’s more likely: that extraterrestrial intelligences
or multi-dimensional beings travel across vast distances
of interstellar space to leave a crop circle in Farmer Bob’s
field in Puckerbrush, Kansas to promote skeptic.com, our web page? Or is it more likely that a reader
of “Skeptic” did this with Photoshop? And in all cases we have to ask — (Laughter) What’s the more likely explanation? Before we say something
is out of this world, we should first make sure
that it’s not in this world. What’s more likely: that Arnold had extraterrestrial help
in his run for the governorship, or that the “World Weekly News”
makes stuff up? (Laughter) The same theme is expressed nicely
here in this Sidney Harris cartoon. For those of you in the back,
it says here: “Then a miracle occurs. I think you need to be more
explicit here in step two.” This single slide completely dismantles
the intelligent design arguments. There’s nothing more to it than that. (Applause) You can say a miracle occurs, it’s just that it doesn’t explain
anything or offer anything. There’s nothing to test. It’s the end of the conversation
for intelligent design creationists. And it’s true, scientists sometimes throw
terms out as linguistic place fillers — dark energy or dark matter,
something like that — until we figure out what it is,
we’ll call it this. It’s the beginning of the causal
chain for science. For intelligent design creationists,
it’s the end of the chain. So again, we can ask this:
what’s more likely? Are UFOs alien spaceships, or perceptual
cognitive mistakes, or even fakes? This is a UFO shot from my house
in Altadena, California, looking down over Pasadena. And if it looks a lot like a Buick
hubcap, it’s because it is. You don’t even need Photoshop
or high-tech equipment, you don’t need computers. This was shot with a throwaway
Kodak Instamatic camera. You just have somebody off on the side
with a hubcap ready to go. Camera’s ready — that’s it. (Laughter) So, although it’s possible
that most of these things are fake or illusions or so on,
and that some of them are real, it’s more likely that all of them
are fake, like the crop circles. On a more serious note, in all of science
we’re looking for a balance between data and theory. In the case of Galileo,
he had two problems when he turned his telescope to Saturn. First of all, there was no
theory of planetary rings. Second of all, his data
was grainy and fuzzy, and he couldn’t quite make out
what he was looking at. So he wrote that he had seen — “I have observed that the furthest
planet has three bodies.” And this is what he ended up
concluding that he saw. So without a theory of planetary
rings and with only grainy data, you can’t have a good theory. It wasn’t solved until 1655. This is Christiaan Huygens’s book
that catalogs all the mistakes people made trying to figure out
what was going on with Saturn. It wasn’t till Huygens had two things: He had a good theory of planetary rings
and how the solar system operated, and he had better telescopic,
more fine-grain data in which he could figure out that
as the Earth is going around faster — according to Kepler’s Laws —
than Saturn, then we catch up with it. And we see the angles of the rings
at different angles, there. And that, in fact, turns out to be true. The problem with having a theory is that
it may be loaded with cognitive biases. So one of the problems of explaining
why people believe weird things is that we have things, on a simple level, and then I’ll go to more serious ones. Like, we have a tendency to see faces. This is the face on Mars. In 1976, where there was a whole movement
to get NASA to photograph that area because people thought this was monumental
architecture made by Martians. Here’s the close-up of it from 2001. If you squint, you can still see the face. And when you’re squinting, you’re turning that from fine-grain
to coarse-grain, so you’re reducing
the quality of your data. And if I didn’t tell you what to look for,
you’d still see the face, because we’re programmed
by evolution to see faces. Faces are important for us socially. And of course, happy faces,
faces of all kinds are easy to see. You see the happy face on Mars, there. (Laughter) If astronomers were frogs,
perhaps they’d see Kermit the Frog. Do you see him there? Little froggy legs. Or if geologists were elephants? Religious iconography. (Laughter) Discovered by a Tennessee baker in 1996. He charged five bucks a head
to come see the nun bun till he got a cease-and-desist
from Mother Teresa’s lawyer. Here’s Our Lady of Guadalupe and Our
Lady of Watsonville, just down the street, or is it up the street from here? Tree bark is particularly good
because it’s nice and grainy, branchy, black-and-white splotchy and you can
get the pattern-seeking — humans are pattern-seeking animals. Here’s the Virgin Mary on the side
of a glass window in Sao Paulo. Here’s when the Virgin Mary made
her appearance on a cheese sandwich — which I got to actually
hold in a Las Vegas casino — of course, this being America. (Laughter) This casino paid $28,500
on eBay for the cheese sandwich. (Laughter) But who does it really look like?
The Virgin Mary? (Laughter) It has that sort of
puckered lips, 1940s-era look. Virgin Mary in Clearwater, Florida. I actually went to see this one. There was a lot of people there. The faithful come in their wheelchairs
and crutches, and so on. We went down and investigated. Just to give you a size, that’s Dawkins,
me and The Amazing Randi, next to this two,
two and a half story-sized image. All these candles, thousands of candles
people had lit in tribute to this. So we walked around the backside,
to see what was going on. It turns out wherever there’s
a sprinkler head and a palm tree, you get the effect. Here’s the Virgin Mary on the backside,
which they started to wipe off. I guess you can only have
one miracle per building. (Laughter) So is it really a miracle of Mary,
or is it a miracle of Marge? (Laughter) And now I’m going to finish up
with another example of this, with auditory illusions. There’s this film, “White Noise,”
with Michael Keaton, about the dead talking back to us. By the way, the whole business of talking
to the dead is not that big a deal. Anybody can do it, turns out. It’s getting the dead to talk
back that’s the really hard part. (Laughter) In this case, supposedly, these messages
are hidden in electronic phenomena. There’s a ReverseSpeech.com web page
where I downloaded this stuff. This is the most famous one
of all of these. Here’s the forward version
of the very famous song. (Music with lyrics) If there’s a bustle in your hedgerow
don’t be alarmed now. It’s just a spring clean
for the May Queen. Yes, there are two paths you
can go by, but in the long run, There’s still time to change
the road you’re on. (Music ends) Couldn’t you just listen to that all day? All right, here it is backwards, and see if you can hear the hidden
messages that are supposedly in there. (Music with unintelligible lyrics) (Lyrics) Satan! (Unintelligible lyrics continue) What did you get?
Audience: Satan! Satan. OK, at least we got “Satan”. Now, I’ll prime the auditory
part of your brain to tell you what you’re supposed
to hear, and then hear it again. (Music with lyrics) (Music ends) (Laughter) (Applause) You can’t miss it
when I tell you what’s there. (Laughter) I’m going to just end
with a positive, nice little story. The Skeptics is a nonprofit
educational organization. We’re always looking for little
good things that people do. And in England, there’s a pop singer. One of the top popular singers
in England today, Katie Melua. And she wrote a beautiful song. It was in the top five in 2005, called,
“Nine Million Bicycles in Beijing.” It’s a love story — she’s sort
of the Norah Jones of the UK — about how she much loves her guy, and compared to nine million
bicycles, and so forth. And she has this one passage here. (Music) (Lyrics) We are 12 billion
light-years from the edge That’s a guess, No one can ever say it’s true, But I know that I will always be with you. Michael Shermer: Well, that’s nice.
At least she got it close. In America it’d be,
“We’re 6,000 light years from the edge.” (Laughter) But my friend, Simon Singh, the particle
physicist now turned science educator, who wrote the book
“The Big Bang,” and so on, uses every chance he gets
to promote good science. And so he wrote an op-ed piece
in “The Guardian” about Katie’s song, in which he said, well, we know exactly
how far from the edge. You know, it’s 13.7 billion light years,
and it’s not a guess. We know within precise
error bars how close it is. So we can say, although not absolutely
true, it’s pretty close to being true. And, to his credit, Katie called him up
after this op-ed piece came out, and said, “I’m so embarrassed.
I was in the astronomy club. I should’ve known better.” And she re-cut the song. So I will end with the new version. (Music with lyrics) We are 13.7 billion light years from the edge of the observable universe. That’s a good estimate
with well-defined error bars. And with the available information, I predict that I will always be with you. (Laughter) How cool is that? (Applause)


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    Lots of examples with an overdose of mockery. Sadly, he said zero about why people believe such things. Epic

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    I saw a fascinating Ted talk two videos before this about infant mortality rates and household income in different areas of the world. It was brilliant and educational. This video is trash. I hate people who mock others for not believing "what everyone else believes". How ironic that he would mention Galileo in his talk. "It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. " -Aristotle.

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    David Merchant

    I'm not TRYING, TO CONVERT YOU, I DON'T #GAFF, WHAT YOU BELIEVE…#GodHatingHomosexuals, lol
    #Gender Jesus and #Genitals with #CallieWright"
    68 views, 2 👍 TAKING THE WORLD BY STORM 😴😪

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    David Merchant

    #HillaryGirl this…#NEOliberal, NOT, ON #TheFARleft..
    #YourJustJealous!!!!!!!! #DeathTHREATS, #Bolsheviks, #PopaCAP, #DLniggas, #Baphomet… #lolBITCH!!!!!!!


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    the dowsing rod for marijuana does work, as it will point at anyone the teacher suspects, even subliminally. It then allows the teacher or security person to search the locker of that student. So it is a bargain at $900. I have some dowsing rods that help you search for lost diamond rings if anyone is interested.

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    Lyonel Laverde-Hansen

    That ending was awful. Once again the scientific mind focused on accuracy and precision fails to understand the deeper meanings of artistic truth. The first version of the final song was beautiful. The second was a travesty.

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    If "weird" means "contradictory of common sense and perceptual experience of the everyday world," then the most robust scientific models are "weird." If "weird" means "contradictory of how nature actually works," then common sense and perceptual experience give us models that are "weird." Either way, it's pretty clear "why people believe weird things." Reality is actually weird (to us), and we're biologically ill equipped to understand it.

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    Karl Schneider

    If praying worked, there would be no amputees, hospitals, or viruses and no football team would ever win a game.

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    Karl Schneider

    We have learned more about our universe and how and why it operates in the last half century or so than in all of previous human history.

    This is why we no longer need to invent imaginary, magical, supernatural 'gods' to explain thunder, disease, planetary motion, speciation, chemical reactions, etc.

    Hundreds of religious belief systems have gone down the toilet of history and the remaining ones are circling the bowl as we speak. Intelligent educated people understand this.

    As Neil deGrasse Tyson so elegantly put it, "God is an ever-receding pocket of scientific ignorance that is getting smaller and smaller and smaller as time goes on".

    People who substitute faith for thinking don't have much intellectual horsepower anyway.

    The good news is that someday we will finally resolve the old question of whether religion is the cause…or the result…of insanity; then we can work on a cure for both. Meanwhile, churches already have FAR too many special perks including exemption from taxation on their enormous earnings. Giving them free advertising for their commercial activities is just insane, immoral, obtuse and needs to be illegal.


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    Michael Snodgrass

    This guy's mind-controlled indoctrination spreading lies continuing the great deception what a f**** a****

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    Paul Bell

    The “Bad Lip Reading” YouTube channel takes advantage of this adaptability with hilarious effect. Check it out.

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    Until Mikey Shammer Shermer has visited all star systems in all galaxies across the universe, he has no proof that there are no Creator Gods who could have created humans and all life on this planet. He's like a tiny ant in the Sahara desert trying to make the claim that there are no life forms larger than himself anywhere in the universe. In other words, he's an Ignoramus.

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    "I believe in weird things. Like even though I have never been to any of the other trillions of star systems in this universe, I can make the absurd claim that there are no Gods who could create humans or any other forms of life. Now tell me I'm a total Ignoramus!" – What Mikey Shermer seems to be saying.

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    really shouldn't put UFO in with the rest. plenty of evidence…government documents..etc…but whatever…doing a ted talk, makes you famous and if this chanel is yours, you're making money

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    dankie poo

    There will always be gullible, delusional, or plain stupid people who believe in God or whatever the flavor of the month is. The choice is yours — you can cry and whine about how pathetic they are, or do the smart thing and use these dumbasses to your advantage. Become a Instagram model / YouTube influencer / psychic / self-help book author / motivational speaker, take their goddamn money, and put it to better use.

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    Stefano Portoghesi

    People do believe in things for which there is no proof or evidence of existence in order to find for example a niche of "comfort" in their lives ! Their unfounded beliefs are simply the inner manifestation of their subconscious desires . Some people believe for example that an "Afterlife" actually exists because it helps them to spend the last stage of their life in relative "comfort" .

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    Being an atheist is the dumbest thing ever. "I want to be smart so i will ridicule others for their beliefs since i can't disprove the existence of God." Yeah atheists really are just a bunch of children with no original ideas of their own.

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    Seattle Sauce

    Here's another one for you…….. What's more likely?……..For him to feel the need to pace around like a madman, sweat buckets, talk 100mph and have his nose itch about 167 times in 10 mins as a pure coincidental occurrence OOORRRR …..He just did a fat rail of (insert stimulant of choice here) back stage before he went on ……hahaha my god man must be some good stuff!

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    If ufos arent real, i should have been put in a mental ward in 1986. Or there are holograms, with intense EMF that can alter your consciousness, or i was drugged and under mind control by the military, and that debriefing by MIB was just a hoax, to make sure i forgot everything a saw. So…the ? Is, which is it, what did i see, or what did they do to my mind? One thing is undeniable to me, i had an experience that i cant define.

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    Brain Inavat

    This channel is the game going on here but I certainly understand the situation of these things are illegal and then die and then die die die die die and then call the customer service number and I will be at your house.

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    Godfrey Jemand

    Since M. Shermer is a gardian of truth. Here is a truth: His, like all, non-profit organizations. Like Clintons, does make a profit but they have to pay it out to the dirsctors or other expenses. Just ask him how much does his organization take in (Pun intended.) and how is the money distributed and how much does he make a year from this foundation in salery and/ or expenses. Who pays his trip to TED so he can get what his real needs are: Attention and the tremendious NEEEEED to appear to be am expert in WHAT? He probably erns more than $150,000 a year for his wonderous knowledge.

    Really ask him and see what the answer is. Randi may tell the truth.

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    These were uninteresting examples. More like "Why people believe stupid things." More interesting examples would have been: Why do some people think it takes more than one bullet to kill a Kennedy? Or why it takes more than a jumbo jetliner with a full fuel tank to bring down a skyscraper. Or that the lunar landings were faked. The examples of cheese sandwiches and backward music are just silly.

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    R Janzen

    He never really went into depth as to "why people believe in wierd things". Mainly just listed the wierd things… He took the entertaining, but easy way out.

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    Max Anguiano

    God’s existence can be demonstrated. But the human mind is capable of coming up with, and getting itself to believe, all sorts of bizarre things. So it is hardly surprising that some people have also denied the existence of God.

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    G7Batten Batten

    What an ignorant guy! He talks about science but shows but clearly he knows nothing about science, but only has opinions!

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    Venkata Siva Gabbita

    I agree with this, although it is contrary to my belief. Shermer, however speaks like his beliefs are truths.

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    Weird things can exist. What can't exist is a universe with life, by accident. Atheism is impossible. Weird things are just improbable.

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    People enjoy being skeptics. Understanding weird and unexplainable things requires effort and diligence. Saying it is all bunk and letting the mainstream media and academics pat you on the back for being a good non thinking person is much easier.

    Crop circles are real as are ufos, 911 was an inside job, as was Sandy Hook and Florida schools shootings, our government keeps technology away from the public that would liberate us using the Invention Secrecy Act of 1951, our government pushes vaccines that are tainted by the corporations that produce them containing toxic adjuvants and preservatives and when someone is injured, of you can even win your case in the special vaccine court, the tax payer pays out since the corporation producing the swill shot is protected. Aspartame is put into almost all gum and diet drinks among other products because of how terrible it is for you, sodium flouride is already in everyones toothpaste (unless you look and get the non flouride kind like I do) but they also add it to our drinking water saying it is good for our teeth despite we brush twice a day or so.

    I can go on….

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    People just do and listen what they want to hear but the Christian Bible is
    clear .Hebrews 9 27 And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but
    after this the judgment.

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    aron ra dillahunty for God

    Someone must have heard those lyrics before they're written down. Once they heard they were them wrote them down for all of us to hear.

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    steven herrold

    while michael shermer made a lot of good points i also disagree with his logic on a lot of things his
    idea of the truth is to deny what can't explain if you don't understand it; it must be nonsense
    if michael says he does not believe in god does not mean that god does not exist

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    Caroline Page

    This man is such a fool and a disinformation agent. Dismisses UFOs with hubcap photo. Same old tricks from these debunkers. Look at the evidence Shermer. Declassified documents. Radar returns. You are like a typical modern day scientist, much like Seth Shostak . Closed minded and scared of losing your funding and employment. Go peddle your backward and closed-mindedness somewhere else. What you going to do when the US Navy and Pentagon disclose the truth? I , because that’s what’s happening. am going to seek out you debunkers and laugh so hard.

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    Flopsie Willows

    The smartest man on earth….except this is 2019, and he is still giving the same presentation he gave 20 years ago. This talk worked with scientifically ignorant audiences back in the day when equipment of measurement was primitive and cognitive neuroscience was not a main stream knowledge. His backward song being an example of EVP (thinking he is smarter than the rest of us and needed to provide an example of audio pareidolia ) is just plain sad. He needed to retire at the end of the last century, right along with his song.

  73. Post

    Most atheists hope for the impossible, which is that this very complex reality, including intelligent life, has appeared by itself from a so called "singularity", no matter from where it came from (surely without a supreme being, the Creator, that will judge our deeds), just to not feel responsible for their bad deeds, to get away with the evil they did, do and will do, on purpose or by mistake, without any Judgment after their death. They have chosen to try to obtain as much joy as possible from this reality no matter how much useless suffering (damage) they produce to others, even to themselves, without the wisdom from the Creator, respectively from the human form of His unique Son, Jesus Christ.

    Regarding the Creator, science will always be just what the cups can think to understand the man who made them. This is the comparison used by God to make us understand our limitations (the HUGE difference between us and Divinity). That is why we will never have mind capabilities to understand how God (the Creator) has come into existence. By the way, Christians have made the biggest advance in science (from Newton to Nikola Tesla, there were many hundreds of famous Christians scientists, as you can see in the "List of Christians in science and technology" on Wikipedia. Have in mind that it is an incomplete list, many Christians scientists not being mentioned there, as an example Emil Palade was an Orthodox Christian who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine).

    We, Christians, have enough evidences to believe the truth. For example, the evil=stupid people who harm innocent humans, without any reason, are enough proof for the existence of the fallen angels, while the good=wise people who never disturb others with anything, but help instead, when they can (as they can), are enough proof for the existence of God/Jesus.

    Jesus Christ (the human form of Divinity) has advised humans to love (respect / care for) each other, as they love (respect / care for) themselves. Therefore, without true belief in God/Jesus, the following evil facts have happened, are happening and will happen:

    – so many millions of people killed in wars and not only (following the killing of billions in the Third World War);

    – the billions of poor people at the limit of subsistence versus the wealthiest (multi-billionaires in dollars, euros, etc. with the vices of money / fortune) and those millions too rich people (also with the vice of money / wealth), owning together so many trillions of dollars, euro … undeserved money, of course, wasted on unnecessary luxury and / or just kept through banks, instead of being used for: free better education for ALL, suitable jobs for ALL (without exploitation / slavery), healthier food for ALL, renewable energy, science, eradication of all diseases, financing of useful inventions, recycling, etc.

    – so many trillions of dollars, euros, etc. wasted on nuclear, chemical, biological and conventional weapons, on armies, etc. only for killing and destruction;

    – sadism, violence, dishonesty, vices, envy … stupidity in general.

    An interesting source of truth on the matter is Philip and Axelrod’s three-volume Encyclopedia of Wars, which chronicles some 1,763 wars that have been waged over the course of human history. Of those wars, the authors categorize 123 as being religious in nature, which is an astonishingly low 6.98% of all wars. However, when one subtracts out those waged in the name of Islam (66), the percentage is cut by more than half to 3.23%. All faiths combined – minus Islam – have caused less than 4% of all of humanity’s wars and violent conflicts. Further, they played no motivating role in the major wars that have resulted in the most loss of life. The truth is, non-religious motivations and naturalistic philosophies bear the blame for nearly all of humankind’s wars. Lives lost during religious conflict pales in comparison to those experienced during the regimes who wanted nothing to do with the idea of God.

    Regarding the Bible, it could have been altered very easily by evil humans (tools of the fallen angels), over history, to manipulate people, but a true Christian follows the goodness of Jesus Christ and ignores those possible manipulated texts, mainly from the Old Testament. However, any sincere enough person can recognize the truth from the Bible.

    For example, most unbelievers do not know the "Parable of the weeds". The fallen angels have created all the evil living things such as: parasites, viruses, bad bacteria …, besides all insects and animals that kill other insects or animals, also the bad instincts in humans (the reptilian brain), by altering our DNA (since the "apple" event mentioned in the Bible). Initially all insects, animals etc. were feeding only with plants (plants products, such as fruits, nectar, seeds etc.).

    Humans had to continue living after betraying the Creator, by listening to His enemy, Satan, who is actually the god of this world, in a Creation corrupted by the fallen angels, after the Creator "has abandoned" this planet to let us see how evil, humans without God/Jesus, can be. We see this everyday and suffer the bad consequences of the stupid=evil people's deeds, tools of Satan. The fallen angels, being sadistic, have altered the DNA of most living things (including us) to do as default both: reproduce uncontrollably (as much as they can) and fight (kill) each other. Unfortunately, they love to see living things suffering, especially human beings suffering.


    The Bible mentions clearly that Satan is the god of this world (for example in Corinthians). Therefore, all stupidity=evilness, respectively all the useless suffering etc. and immorality/promiscuity are caused and maintained by the fallen angels, ruled by Satan. We still can live and even be happy sometimes, in this short earthly life, because of God's mercy and love for us, which keeps some limitations for the fallen angels, otherwise Apocalypse will happen.

    The fallen angels want to destroy us since our conception (actually, all the time in any way possible), because of their hatred for God. That is why they make us suffer, as much as possible, by using our stupidity and the stupidity of the other people around us.

    Satan, the one who deceives the whole world (Rev. 12:9), wants to corrupt, pervert, and twist everything what God has made.

  74. Post
  75. Post
  76. Post

    Why do people believe weird things like ……..

    This perfectly designed and structured Universe, was luckily created from Nothing.

  77. Post
    John Smoke

    a nice "yes-chain" which is aimed to drill the audience to be/think conservative. If humans would be like that, what he advertises, we would all be still hunting and gathering. Cause every new idea or theory is in some way more or less strange..
    Instead of advertising a good sense of skepticism, he tries to polarize people that everything strange has to be false/not true and you should just believe the mainstream.
    Poor brainwash tactics. Any decent professional salesman would have done better in hiding his ambitions..

  78. Post
  79. Post
    Peter Michael

    "This slide dismantles the intelligent design argument" Not a chance. There is a designer at ALL steps. You have yet to observe a single step. You merely raided the waste basket, found some scraps from the boss' blueprints and now claim to be an engineer.

    Stick to cheese sandwiches.

  80. Post
    Jim Beckert

    Any school administrator who would buy a divining rod or believe it could work to find drugs should be fired just for being an idiot. They're not qualified to be in their position.

  81. Post
  82. Post

    Im seck and tyerd of them libral elleestist tellen peepple thay gots to thenk and reed , them thengs aint muricin, dame librals , I sapert Tromp

  83. Post
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  85. Post
  86. Post
  87. Post
  88. Post
  89. Post
  90. Post
  91. Post
    dcb4357 hiitsme

    science can be just as big a cult as some religions. a fair balance , without ruling out completely the other , is wisdom. but in the end its as it describes in the qur'an , all will be known what is true and what is false.

  92. Post
  93. Post
  94. Post
    Robert Diehl

    This show quickly becomes about Michael Shermer, not about the people he speaks of, rather his narcissistic arrogance(government operative?). IMO on stage he becomes a bully. Don’t bother him with the facts, his mind is made up. He gives off the impression that the limits of his understanding of science and technology here on earth applies to the entire universe as well…well, good luck with that. So, people keep an open mind. The Change…is coming.

  95. Post
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  100. Post
    john serveantofJesus

    since title of the video is why people believe weird things,how about michael tell us why he believes a theory that teaches,that he came from a dumb animal,and that dinosaurs turned into birds by "chance"…..
    people like him believe that in the past "chance" did miracles,yet they say Jesus Christ didnt….according to this he did rise from the dead though,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_fSgPQYxkk

    yet they still say it didnt happen….but somehow!they believe in the past chance did miracles of turning dinosaurs into birds,monkey like animals into people,and making all planets and galaxies and stars…..so wheres the evidence for this?there aint any…but they say "we "know" it happened"…..but how do they "know"it happened,when they got no evidence for it?do they "feel"it happened?
    -does "chance" have Godlike powers and abilities?
    -and id like people who are materialists and evolutionists to answer me this:

    is this "chance" of theirs an immaterial thing?

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