Why People Love Will Smith (And Not Jaden)

Why People Love Will Smith (And Not Jaden)

What’s up everyone? This is Charlie from Charisma
on Command and today I’m going to be doing a video breakdown on group dynamics and the
person of focus on here is going to be primarily Will Smith. Now, I will say, I’m gonna have
to play this clip a number of times, because in group dynamics so much is occurring at
the same time and it occurs very, very quickly so it can be hard to perceive what’s happening.
But honestly, this still that I’m going to start with is a great example because the
first thing to notice is that throughout this entire breakdown, you’ll see that Will Smith
is the most enthusiastic supporter and the biggest laugher at just about any joke that
anyone makes. He’s not faking it. He’s genuinely just really finds everything they say humorous.
So what this does in a group context is it makes him a force, it makes him someone that
you notice even when he is not speaking. So I’m just gonna show you that pretty quickly
to start. So there you go. There’s a quick example.
You’ll see more of it. Coming up next, Jaden and Will and maybe even Heather Graham, are
all gonna try to sort of speak at the same time. And this is common. Somebody starts
telling a story, people like “Oh, my god, that reminds me of…” or “Yeah, yeah, yeah.”
The difference in how they do it is that Will Smith finishes his sentence, even though he
is not ultimately being the one who continues to tell a story or share his point of view.
Jaden, like raise his hands in the air, tries to say what he’s gonna say, but does it quietly
enough and with not enough conviction, that he pauses halfway through his sentence and
just sits there defeated. So watch this. I wanna play that again, alright? If you watched
Will that time, watch Jaden. If you watched Jaden, watch Will this time. Will is going
to finish his sentence and then allow Bradley to continue to speak. Jaden says a phrase
and then gets cut off, holds his hands in the air and then just like flops them down. There you go, right? So that is one big thing.
Will says, Will says “That will get you really humble really quickly” and it’s clear that
Bradley still has more to say so he allows him to continue. Jaden tries to get in there
and instead of finishing his sentence and then sort of saying, “Oh, no. Go ahead” he
just gets caught halfway through between what he’s saying. And so right now, he feels interrupted.
He feels like he’s not supposed to be speaking. He feels silly like people have caught him.
So watch the difference in how they active listen in going forward. Jaden stays really quiet because he’s been
burned once trying to speak and Will on the other hand, is actively listening. He’s saying
“Yeah” encouraging, which opens up, opens the door for him to jump in at the end and
make a big joke. So, you hear Will Smith “Yeah, yes.” And now
he’s going to speak loudly coz he has something to say and he sees that there’s sort of a
scene in the conversation. People are trying to figure out where to go next. I
wanna play that again because there are a
number of people vying to speak at that time and Will Smith has just decided that he is
going to crack his joke. That is all volume. I wanna play it one more
time at the risk of being redundant. Watch Bradley Cooper’s and Heather Graham’s head
like pop up as Will just continues talking in a loud tone of voice. So there you go and again, Will Smith right
here laughing super loud at the end of this. All of this is to say that when you are in
a group conversation. One of the biggest things you can do is laugh loudly, speak loudly because
what happens with a lot of people as they find themselves getting cut off and do not
know how to fit into a conversation. Now, that does not mean that you can dominate over
other people. And what we’re gonna see here is what happens when somebody else is actually
telling something, Will Smith starts to speak and then gets cut off. But he does it in a
way that you’ll see is gonna be much more charismatic. Worth highlighting again, biggest laugher. So everybody starts speaking at once, right?
Will starting to say something but now people ask him and address him a question. This is
why he gets interrupted because three people are looking at him and go “Have you ever worn
a half shirt?” So this isn’t much different than when we
see Jaden get interrupted earlier, so play it back again. A lot of people chiming in there but because
he is the loudest, and when he’s interrupted, it’s not just other people talking, it’s them
addressing a question to him, which is why he does get interrupted there. So I want to
continue now and show another clip of, sort of a free for all, if you will. Everybody
is talking at the same time. How does it come down? So here’s the thing, if you watch all these
clips, Will Smith is a very dominant and domineering force in these conversations, right? You might
think, “Holy cow, I don’t wanna be in a room with him because I can’t even speak.” The
way that he gets away with it, if you will, and he’s actually seen it, people love it,
to interact with him is because: One, when he does interject, he’s doing it from a high
energy playful mood, right? And what he has to say is almost always more fun and funny
to engage with than what other people are saying. So that’s gonna be extremely important.
The other thing is that he is extremely supportive of others when they tell their stories and
when they make their jokes. So, he’s getting a lot of brownie points, if you will, while
Bradley Cooper is talking or while Heather Graham is talking coz he’s so… He laughs
so loud. He’s so supportive. He claps his hands. He says “That’s amazing. That’s awesome”
so that when he does interrupt, it’s not like, “Who is this guy coming out of nowhere trying
to talk the whole time?” He’s been an active supporter of everything that they’ve said. So I’ll play this part one last time, which
is just… Jaden faces Bradley Cooper and he starts asking him a question but Will just
sticks to what he’s saying, says it twice so he gets the attention and then continues
loudly to make his joke. And
then some call back humor there at the end
from the story that Heather told earlier. So that is a lot in a short period of time.
I hope this has been helpful. If you like this stuff let me know on the comments. Subscribe.
I’ll do more of them but that is going to be it for today. I’m Charlie from Charisma on Command and I
will see you later.


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    Mel Gon

    Sometimes I feel like the fact that people (Will Smith) are good looking, humongous star, that so many of us “grew up with” is overlooked. I guarantee you if I go into a group conversation and act this way it will NOT be received the same way. Lol. People want to listen to Will Smith because he’s Will Smith.

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    Erin Rusmi

    i feel like there is really something missing here. i used to really struggle with confidence and making myself heard, even 2, 3 years ago. i've been working on it my whole life and only recently have i started to really feel solid in my confidence and assertiveness. it's important to teach skills that allow you not to get shoved around. but it's also important that when you get there you don't leave anyone behind. people have good reasons for being scared and doing things that make them appear like they're afraid to take up space or value their own opinion, it's a result of past trauma for a lot of people. what i'm asking now is why wasn't will advocating for jaden? it would be easy for will to notice jaden isn't being heard or given space to speak and use his own influence to point the group's attention at jaden. i'd love to see a video about using your charisma to amplify voices around you that aren't being listened to, especially because this is so often tied to factors that are unjust and unfair – you're more likely to be listened to if your age, race, gender, etc is given power, privilege, and status regardless of how competent you actually are. not wanting to leave anyone behind and feeling like all the advice out there was telling me to just look out for #1 was a huge part of the reason it took me so long, but it doesn't have to be that way.

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    Jessica Pace

    I dont feel like Will smith was overbearing. The white guy and girl was super loud and talking over everyone Geezzzz.

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    Misaki otaku

    Interesting analysis! The way you pointed out Will Smith's charism was awesome and extremely helpful from my point of view. Great video! Looking forward to more videos like this!

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  15. Post

    1:33 I do that now but I somtimes feel like I overstepped a line and feel inappropriate afterwards. Like I'm asserting dominance or something.

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    noboby rr

    Will didn’t get away with it , if you didn’t get called on something doesn’t mean people like what you do , he doesn’t even let his child speak , while in most adult – child conversations the dad interrupts to make room for his child to speak for example : “ I think jaden wanted to say something Or what do you think about that ( the topic of their conversation) jaden
    not only didn’t he not make room for jadan to speak , he himself interrupted him

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    jo taf

    I love jaden, just because of that, because he is the most relatable of all.
    You can't judge a person just because of their surroundings, and it's the age gap that is making him and all of us, sometimes, feel so awkward in a group of older people.

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    Jennifer KellyWatt

    Guys, I really enjoy this channel, but I wish you wouldn't title your videos like this. It might be different if Jaden wasn't a kid. I would just hate any kid to find something like this, saying people don't like him. And, if I was his parent, I'd be pissed as hell.

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    Binary Ninja's POV

    Also I think the fact the other 3 are adults and Jaden is younger makes it harder for him to be taken seriously

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    Binary Ninja's POV

    And actually I think that in all the interaction Bradley is the main person everyone is trying to be liked by him and Will is just fighting for attention.

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    Coin Happy

    Disagree on many levels, chiefly the commentator's analysis about Will Smith, who could have let his son get more experience and practice in speaking in groups but Will kept loudly interrupting his son to get ego-fed laughs. Will missed the opportunity to be more considerate, more humble and less of a distraction so that he could move out of the way and let his own son shine better than him. Sad to watch, actually, although it might not have been Will's intention, Will got caught up with his own ego over his son's opportunity for growth.

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    Hannah Morris

    I just want to know why people are giving Jaden so much shit like he didn’t do anything wrong and he is just a kid and he is just trying to be respectful

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    SC EM

    Because Will is better at being fake.

    Warning: You are experiencing behavioral modification by a media “programming” “device”. (their words)

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    Amie Mcconnell

    I just think that being Will Smiths son is extremly intimidating for him and gives him so much that he has to live up to and that puts a lot of pressure on him.

    (I'm not rly a fan of jaden but I do think it must be really akward in general when people compare him to his father)

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    To be frank, Will was not at all helping his little sun, interrupting him and dominating over the conversation…in your terms Will is the A$$hole here.

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    Steph McD

    I think it's really unfair to cut Jaden down simply because he couldn't hold his own in this conversation. Everyone was talking SO LOUDLY and talking all over each other! I've been in conversations like this and it drives me nuts.

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    Anthony Faiell

    I completely disagree with this one. I find Will Smith to be annoyingly abnoxious… He is way too loud. He never has anything actually intelligent to say, it's all jokes. And he is constantly interrupting people. Even talking over his own son. The title of this video is why people love Will smith and not Jaden. Which is honestly misleading in itself. Jaden sounds like a much more humble and pleasant person to talk to than Will. Literally all I got out of this video is that people will like you if you are loud and abnoxious… I dont think that's what this was trying to portray though.

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  47. Post

    This shouldn't really be Will vs Jaden since Jaden's a kid. You wouldn't want to see Jaden being the one speaking over adults (including his dad). But the point of the video is well taken.

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    Carama Gambino

    So the 1 million people that watch these videos must be very young and inexperienced so I applaud you for helping them out. These are life skills people should know before they enter middle school. Will Smith by the way is a Luciferian. Fact

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