Why You Should Care About The Census Citizenship Question | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Why You Should Care About The Census Citizenship Question | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


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    Progressive Humanist

    Not enough that the GOP has rigged elections from top to bottom for decades (Bush Sr. was the last legitimate repub pres) via massive voter suppression and radical gerrymandering (cf. especially REDMAP and the SC VRA gutting), now they are trying to literally wipe brown people off the map. This is institutionalized white supremacy and authoritarianism with the specific aim of making the US a one party state (the GOP party) ruled by the minority (white male christian conservatives).

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    Michael Schwartz

    Pro tip, republicans: this is why you have no right to whine when people call you "racist". Because if you don't stand up and say this kind of white supremacist bs doesn't represent you, then you are. Period.

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    V. Lee Walker

    Why not take the census and just skip the citizenship question? Everyone, not just people afraid to answer, everyone! We are stronger together!

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    Michael Smith

    Inadmissible, deceased person, chain of custody issue, no proof he authored, or altered any of it in the first place…May as well have been written by the ACLU itself

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    Alessia C*****

    👐 Trump and the GOP are willing to lie, cheat, steal and get foreign adversary’s help because that’s how they win. 👀

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    Grace O

    I won't answer the question or a census that includes that question. It's only geared to give power to white nationalists.

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    David Ellis

    Just conveniently leave that answer blank. Trumpian nonsense beneath the dignity of the country. Division stressed , unity ignored.

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    Junior Harry

    Hi Ali.👋.
    Exceptional reporting, Ali.👍☺👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏.
    Keep on digging, Ali.👍.
    👉👉Patience democrats, patience.👍.

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    Matt Zaharias

    The justice department lawyers, just like their criminal boss William Barr, are lying. That's the whole point of the census question: they're playing a clever game with words, conveniently ignoring the fact that the Constitution discusses the total population, not number of citizens. Even slaves, which our country didn't consider human beings at the time, counted towards the population of Southern terrorist states when it was convenient for them, even though slaves had no civil rights of any kind and were considered chattel property. Pretty sure that the only circumstance under which you can consider immigrants and refugees not human, and therefore not eligible for civil rights, is if you're a racist piece of s*** who needs to hurry up and pass away from heart disease or stomach cancer, whatever disease you get from having so much hate in your trash bin of a soul.

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    MJB For Trump

    Oh I see, so those not counted are likely ILLEGAL! We have about 3 times as many ILLEGALS in our country than the DEMS admit to. Proving that once again the DEMS are LIARS! By the way check out this TRAGEDY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IEZzXALpvuM another ILLEGAL slaughters an AMERICAN! Of course, you'll never hear this discussed on FAKE NEWS because they don't want you to know how RIGHT our President is!!

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    roger smith

    so as far as I can rememeber even inl ate 70s everone asked are your a citizen when applieing for job ect. Now in the age of entitlment wussy man or you must force children to cut their pee pee for virture like in the old was of baal. Demoncrats scream why expose things.

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    The 2nd Protects the rest

    Of course it should be included. The census is used to figure out the population of citizens in the country and is used to determine represention in Congress. If course the Trump administration is using the question to help them and of course the Demonrats appose it because it will hurt them. The Dems can't take "credit" for people that are here illegally and should not be counted!

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    Whitney Titus

    The government has a right to count us every 10 years. It does NOT have a constitutional right to ask us personal information while counting us. It's a census of enumeration. How many Men, Women and Children there are and their ages. Our race and nationality doesn't matter. There aren't any special programs any group needs. Asking questions like race and nationality only gives white supremacists power to draw political lines that exclude minorities whose votes they don't want to count. Period. There is no other reason for them to have that information. Citizenship questions are useless..since non citizens can't vote anyway. Knowing how many non citizens are here only helps IF the race and nationality question isn't asked. Programs for gaining citizenship should apply to ALL non-citizens. Not just the ones who are white (non Hispanic).


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    Sassie Troy

    Let me see if I understand your point…
    So, because non citizens (who are not required by law to answer the census) won't answer a census with a citizenship question on it, you feel that states won't get enough money or representatives to run programs for citizens?
    You feel that if the census has no citizenship question, that, that will protect people from catching diseases from people here unlawfully?

    Programs in America should be for Americans.
    Programs in America should not be paying for people who are unlawfully in the country.
    States that allow unlawful people to live in them should not get extra money and extra representatives for breaking the law.

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    Donald Miller

    Persons here illegally should not get representation in Congress. They also are not owed any of the social programs. That is now it should be.

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    Tajai Calip

    The mere fact that the Public has watched this Political disaster and the way that they have treated Donald Trump is unbelievable. I do not care about what they do not like about an Individual that they claim they do not recognize.
    These Courts are supposed to recognize the People and by hurting Trump over and over again. They are intentionally hurting us and there should be a DEMAND from these Court orders to be removed. How can any Court prevent a President from wanting to know who he is protecting in the USA by Representing them fairly. I do not care who the President is. That is a personal ruling. The American People do not have to accept personal rulings that destroys this Country. It is obvious that these are very prejudice, racists, and bias People that are way more prejudice, racists, or bias than what Donald Trump was accused of being. How can Anyone question Donald Trump protecting the border. Protecting the border is protecting Americans. That is another personal stance by saying that Americans should come last. We are not coming last for these People. The Military should be advised by Trump to start doing whatever means necessary to clean up this Country. These People do not care anything about Human Laws in America. They care about who they like and that's why many of them need Representation. They need honest and fair Representation in every City and State to stop illegal immigrants from flooding our Country. They need to stop the repetitive talking about the laws that the illegal immigrants keep breaking. They do not give legal Americans this much leeway and try to take their lives for the slightest things. They are not in common sense and competent to voice disregarding the census bureau citizenship question with thousands maybe millions of illegal immigrants illegally living in this Country. We are tired of the election being fixed by keeping these People over here to get on our nerves, disrespect us, benefit from all of our opportunities, and place our American Children in danger by having to survive on the streets then judge them. The citizenship question helps our Children to progress, get a better job, housing, and money to live comfortably like they should have been doing a very long time ago. I have an illegal Asian name on my home. All Citizenship questions should be enforced. These People in the Courts are very juvenile and annoying.

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    Michael Jordan

    People that think the question should be there May boycott the Census all together if it's not on it

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    Ed Pooler

    When I got a census form without the citizenship question, I wrote the citizenship question on the form myself and then I checked "yes". Any citizen who gets a census form which does not have the citizenship question should add the question onto the form & say "yes"!

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    Lew Rodd

    The crazy thing is republicans who work for a living would suffer along with everyone else if republicans were allowed to rule the roost, republican politicians would screw the average person in the US for every thing they have, they held the Senate and the House and what did they do? they gave away 2 Trillion dollars of Americas money to their donors,  what is wrong with working Americans that they cannot see what voting republican does for them?  BTW I live in the UK and even I can see the problem.

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