Wild Wild Country: What happened to Sheela? BBC Stories

Wild Wild Country: What happened to Sheela?  BBC Stories

Like everyone else who has
seen Wild Wild Country, I was intrigued by the fearless Sheela. I have served 39 months in prison, and that should be enough. This is Bhagwan Rajneesh, a popular Indian guru who ran a commune
in Oregon in the early 1980s. Fifteen thousand dedicated followers gave away
their wealth to build a city for him. THE STORY TOLD IN A
NETFLIX SERIES (award winning?) A Netflix documentary reveals the secrets of
the Bhagwan and his personal secretary. Ma Anand Sheela was the mastermind
behind the guru’s success. And I wondered if she had changed? Was she happy? Does she have any regrets? Does she have any regrets? Sheela invited me to her home… and I found out. Bhagwan had a good carrot, in front of his people: in front of his people: Meditation and enlightenment. Oregon Historical Society When he had enough, or when he wanted
to help me with finances, so my work becomes a little easier, he dangled the carrot of enlightenment, he declared a few people enlightened. It was a hoax? In that sense, yes. But these were the ‘sane’ people who
ran after this hoax. So don’t just blame Bhagwan, blame the ‘sane’ people. I was never interested in his
power and his position. What were you interested in Sheela? Bhagwan. My love for him. No other reason. And sex was never an issue between us. I had enough lovers of my own. After years as his closest confidante, the inseparable Bhagwan and Sheela fell out. Bhagwan accused her of being the
mastermind behind a series of crimes. Sheela, a former secretary of the Bhagwan Rajneesh,
faces charges of fraud and attempted murder in Oregon. My only question to her was: ‘Why?’ You know they were innocent people, I mean why? I don’t want to discuss, for only one reason, I have served 39 months in prison, and that should be enough. People can not punish me for the rest of my life. But the mentality of the people, they only
want to go on, on scandals. Because their lives are full of scandals. Do you think it was a scandal? Well Bhagwan created enough scandal. I am courageous enough
to say that. I even told him
to his face. Whoever wants to accuse me,
I have done no criminal act. I look in your eyes and I say
it with conviction, the same conviction how I had
loved Bhagwan. The saddest moment of my life was when I heard that Bhagwan gave in to his
anger so badly against me. There is no logic.
And you want logical answers? It can not happen. And you have all made up your
mind that Rajneeshees were wrong… No, I’m asking you. Well I’m telling you but you’re not ready
to accept my answer. Better to leave the theme here. Over two decades on Sheela lives in Switzerland, but has she found her peace? where she manages two care homes. I live a simple life, because what I have, the experience under my belt, no other woman can say that they
have such experience. I enjoy working, I enjoy being with people. There is nothing different. There I was working with
certified sane people, here I work with
certified sick people. People are the same, people’s
being is the same. When existence and nature has so much trust in me,
people can say what they want to. Regardless of what people think of her it’s really hard to know who the real Sheela is. Thirty years ago this woman was found guilty of poisoning people. I don’t regret, I will never regret. She says she has no regrets, but is this new life Sheela’s way
of redeeming herself?


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    Savita Vashistha

    People do not hv eyes or ears to understand Bhagwan and his people. Sheela was a desciple too. Osho is and always be the Master .. the Great !

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    Brendon Christopher La Croix

    Anyone notice how the interviewer wore the same colour garb as the Rajneesh followers were expected to wear…don't miss the media trying to butter this psycho up.

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    Proud Pagan

    It simply shows the crusaders still rule the roost in America , a country which was built on the innocent blood of millions of pagans.

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    she tried to poison senators, plotted to kill fellow devotess, and removed uterus of pregnant woman, in sutshell she was running porn under the name of enlightenment .

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    Proof that if you call yourself a “religious leader” you can get away with anything. This women poisoned almost 3000 people. How is she still not in prison?

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    Frederick Torres

    It's pretty easy to know who Sheela is. She feels no remorse for the lives she ruined, either the impressionable people whos money they took to fund their cult, or the native residents of Antelope, the people they poisoned, or anything else. She's a sociopath who should be put in a mental asylum.

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    Kevin Webster

    Bullshit if that guru didn’t know what was going on. Sick cult leaders don’t just let people run around unchecked.

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    • All One •

    Her hair says it all ; she is depressed!! Whatever she says ; she is a murderer and not a winner !!! She poisoned people !!! She had it all and she lost it all !! Oh yea we know what Karma means … She knows how to talk , she was with osho all the time , she learned something at least. She was the "queen" but no more because real queens love ,nourish, help people and not otherwise !!! She had a gun with her all the time lol .. what a great example she was as a queen eh ?!! What a barbarous queen !! She talks about love and peace though !! Sheela is a monster psychopath

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    Jorge Sierra

    Maybe her negational will last until her next life. hahaha I imagine a kid, a child, a girl induced to regressive hypnosis saing – No no I didn't do it hahahaha Other feature of fascism is they don't recognize their mistakes, Osho in live recognized it was a mistake go to America.

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    Shiva ശിവ

    SHE say it was all a hoax n osho was a Fraud… but she is still adicted to him and follows his teaching.. wtf is that all about

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    N B

    U have made many stupids now world has come know the reality . It was just a well planned business nothing else ….!!! Now don't try to prove that u are innocent. ..!!!

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    Vinita Chauhan

    To be extraordinarily intelligent by a woman sometimes becomes a curse for herself by the society.
    OSHO and she are the victim of divide and rule policy.Thats what I feel.

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