Windrush citizens: ‘It’s like having your world torn apart’

Windrush citizens: ‘It’s like having your world torn apart’

It’s like being in love and then you lose
the love of your life and that hurts in the belly. That’s where it hurts,
in the belly. It leaves a bad taste with the establishment. Prejudice has come back
when I thought we’d stamped that out
years and years ago. I came from Jamaica in 1967. I arrived here in the UK
December 1957. I came to England
from Dominica at the age of six months. I lost my job last July, couldn’t work because I haven’t got the right documents. You go and try and get
some sort of help from the unemployment and get told: “No, you’re
not entitled to anything.” So I went to Barbados
on holiday and when I’m coming back
was surprised when they told me that I will not be
able to return to England. I applied for a job, sat in
the job for one hour and then I was told that
I can not be in the job because I haven’t got
a British passport and being told: “No, you
can’t get benefits.” And then that was
it I just thought: “I can’t do this no more.” The lowest times for me was Christmas times
and not being able to give my grandchildren
something. It just caused me
anxiety, depression, couldn’t sleep at night. You feel weak,
you feel numb, you could push
a sword through me you wouldn’t have got
a drop of blood. It’s like you’re being called
a liar all the time: “You’re lying. You’re lying.” But in your heart you know,
you’re telling the truth. It did break me a little bit because I shouldn’t
have had to go through all of this. If I call it racism the
politicians are going to call it something else. There’s got to be more
behind it than racism. Apologies all good
and well but an apology doesn’t
help the things that the Windrush people
have gone through. There’s the hurt, there’s the wages, there’s the presents
that wasn’t bought for grandchildren, there was the flowers
I couldn’t put on my mum’s grave. If I could meet
Theresa May tomorrow I’d would ask her to
spend a day with me. I want her to sit here when
the electric goes off and then she knows. I don’t know If I would
want to spend a day with Theresa May anyway
after all what is going on. Not one of them could
cope with what we, the average working
class goes through on a day to day basis. I felt like I didn’t belong here and I just wanted to belong. Am I right in just calling
myself British, or this country,
my country? Cruel, cruel, cruel.


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    William Ettrelu

    I understand but you did kind of drop the ball by not getting any kind of identification over like 50 years.

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    ELIAKIM Joseph Sophia

    Wake up call for the UK, British government take your taxes, then when you are rightfully entitled to what you've paid for, they deny you access to it. They keep on moving the goalposts and don't keep to their agreements with the people. The rich getting richer on the backs of the poor. Look how they've taken the pensions away from women born in the 50's. Look at how they've taken children's bedrooms from them with the bedroom tax. Children must have their own bedrooms.

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    These people should get compensation for what they have been through. How did they survive this nightmare of not being allowed to work and no unemployment benefits or any support. Many of them detained. Seriously ? I would have been suicidal. I am so sorry..
    Big love to you all

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    Moira Goldsmith

    But I'd like to bet they took your taxes from your wages all these years! Its a disgrace and I am so sorry. Sending love to you all.

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    Epilogue !

    Most white British have moved out of London over the past 50 years, because of uncontrolled immigration. The Truth is, we should never have let that many in. Multi-Culturalism is a disaster!

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    Anggi B

    Cannot provide their own people with proper identification. But can bomb a sovereign country that pose no threat to their country. Tax payer money in action everyone.

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    Brian Anderson

    May treats the eu problem as she treated the commonwealth immigrants. She puts another useless. “Human Recources” heap of garbage in charge. Rudd is incapable of opening her own Limo door. All politicians in The Westminster Bubble. Should be made to go through a ritual every mornin

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    The scandal itself is not really the problem as after all, those effected have effectively won the lottery as they and their families will be given millions in compensation. As always, it's the tax payer who ends up paying for the incompetence of the politicians. The real issue here is a much deeper issue and it's that you simply cannot trust anything these people say. Rudd didn't step down over the scandal, she stepped down because she'd been caught out lying. It was only when the memo was found that she stepped down and it was so that she wouldn't have to answer any questions about her lying in the first place. It's not one party either, they all lie through their teeth.

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    What melodrama! Prejudice has come back? What are you talking about! The evidence suggest that paperwork was destroyed by border agencies, for legal data protection reasons, as instigated by a labour government. The Tories then had a policy of cracking down in illegal immigration. Windrush people got caught up in that, due to lack of paperwork. As unfortunate as it is for a few anecdotal cases, let's go easy on the melodramatic, faux moral panic, please. Short sighted maybe, slightly reckless, sure. How about a bit of personal responsibility as well? If I'd moved to New Zealand 50 years ago, I would have at least been curious whether I was a fully naturalised citizen by now, or what my immigration status actually was, rather than relying on a 50 year old scrap of a landing card. I would have at least tried to get something more concrete.

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    Dunstan Cole

    I'm sorry but some of these people didn't help themselves. How can you not go and visit you was born in fifty years? Don't you have relatives back there or just out of curiosity? Jesus man it's so baffling. This is just my personal opinion guys.

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    Theresa May and the Conservatives are a national embramsment and have added another chapter to racism in Britain. Congratulations!

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    A Freeman

    THERESA MAY was the Home Secretary responsible for the Windrush scandal. Her purpose was to fulfill her deportation quotas by picking on people of Caribbean origin and thus avoid "offending" the ever-militant Muslims who have a lot less right to be in UK than Caribbeans. — THERESA MAY is the one who should resign.

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    A D

    I've seen black people pointing fingers at muslims in the UK stood with white people thinking they are part of the furniture you only learn the hard way that they dont want you here either.

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