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Education unlocks a world of opportunity,
yet millions of kids are still locked out of the classroom. Here’s what you need to know. It’s hard to overstate the upside of a good
education. Whether you’re from New York City or Bangladesh, the skills and understanding you gain in school
are supposed to equip you for a lifetime of success. But for millions of kids all over the world,
that simply isn’t the case. Right now, 61 million children worldwide are
being denied an elementary-school education. 202 million more are missing out on junior
and high school. What’s keeping these kids out of the classroom?
War and unrest are leading culprits. 75 million children have had their schooling
disrupted because of conflict and natural disaster. 62 million kids are out of school altogether
because they live in conflict-affected countries. Girls are especially vulnerable. Every year, far too many female students drop
out of school due to marriage, pregnancy, or fear of assault. Yet studies show that for every additional
year beyond elementary school a girl’s potential to earn increases anywhere
from 10 to 20 percent. Getting kids to school is only half the battle. In many areas where children are able to go
to school a shortage of trained teachers is holding
them back. In 1 out of 3 countries less than three quarters of teachers are trained
to national standards. As a result, 130 million students aren’t
even learning the basics. 130 million kids. That’s twice the population
of the United Kingdom. The need to invest in education couldn’t
be clearer. And yet, last year less than 2% of humanitarian
aid was spent on education. If nothing changes, as many as 25 million
children, the majority of whom are girls, will never set foot in a classroom. Who knows if one of those kids could have
been the next Marie Curie or Albert Einstein? No child should be denied their right to education
because of where they were born. Together we must show up to ensure that every
child has access to twelve years of free, quality education regardless of their circumstances. Join the movement. Become a global citizen. A better educated world is a better world,

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