WORLDSIGN | Trump impeachment hearing begins, Berlin Wall, Iraqi Deaf community protests, and more

[Dawn]: On Wednesday,
the US House Democrats scheduled public hearings
in the impeachment inquiry against US President Donald
Trump to take place next week. The US lawmakers are
investigating President Trump’s alleged attempt to
pressure a foreign leader to obtain information from
one of his election rivals, Joe Biden – which is
a violation of the US campaign laws. Recent
testimonies by government representatives indicated
that President Donald Trump withheld Ukraine military
aid unless Ukraine could provide damaging
information on Joe Biden to increase Donald Trump’s
chances to win reelection next year. Some of the
witnesses who were called to testify declined under
orders from the White House. Trump and members of his
Republican party continue to deny the allegations,
and accuse the Democrats of unfairly conducting the
impeachment inquiry. -Impeaching a US president
is a lengthy process. The US Constitution
provides guidance on how to impeach a US president
if the US president has committed an act of
treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors. A majority of members
in the House of Representatives must pass
the bill then it needs to go to the US Senate for a trial. To remove President Trump
from office, the Senate members must reach a
two-thirds majority of the votes. In the entire history of
the US government, no US presidents have ever
been impeached and removed from office. [Alessio]: Facebook has
unveiled its new logo which spells “Facebook” in
uppercase with alternating colors. The blue color
represents Facebook, green for Whats?App, and a
mixture of purple, red, and orange for Instagram. Why are they doing this? They want to differentiate
Facebook from its other brands. Facebook has been
facing intense scrutiny over a number of issues
lately including privacy scandals, not cracking
down on political ads that spread disinformation, and
abusing market power and competition. Experts are
concerned that Facebook is not doing enough to crack
down on disinformation campaign ahead of the 2020
US Presidential Elections. -Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of
Facebook founded Facebook in 2004. Before Facebook,
he designed a social media website called FaceMash
while enrolled at Harvard University in the US. That website allows
university students and staff members to
communicate with one another, and share information. After dropping out of
college, Zuckerberg built Facebook and has become the
eighth richest person in the world with a net worth
of $62.3 billion USD. Facebook currently has over
1 billion active users. [Dawn]: Thirty years ago
on November 9, the Berlin Wall came down, unifying
both East Germany and West Germany. The Berlin Wall
had become a symbol of the Cold War for 28 years
splitting democracy and communism. -The Berlin Wall divided
East Berlin and West Berlin. The wall was built in 1961
to prevent East Germans from escaping for a better
life in democratic West Berlin. Finally,
in 1989, East Germans brought the wall down. East Germany and West
Germany formally reunified on October 3, 1990. Although the wall was
demolished, small parts of it stands today in
Berlin as a monument. [Alessio]: Members of the
Deaf community are lobbying the city of Washington,
DC to approve proposal to create a government office
to improve accessibility for Deaf, Hard of Hearing,
and Deaf-Blind residents. If approved, the city
would appoint a four-person staff with a director who
is part of the Deaf, Hard of Hearing or Deaf-Blind
Community to run the office. The proposed bill, if it
becomes law, would help create resources and
language access for deaf children from birth, screen
and license and maintain a registry of sign language
interpreters to ensure that qualified interpreters
are dispatched. [Dawn]: The Iraqi Deaf
community joined the national protests
in Baghdad regarding government corruption,
failing public services and high unemployment. They are also accusing Iran
of causing dissension and exerting its influence. The Deaf Community
expressed their own frustrations that their
rights were ignored by the government and the low
level of Deaf awareness is making it difficult
to find jobs. They complained that most
Deaf Iraqis are not given a chance to complete high
school education and are forced to take
vocational training. Iraq lacks educational
services to enable Deaf students to pursue
higher studies. -Iraq ratified the
Convention on the Rights of Persons with
Disabilities in 2013. CRPD is an international
human rights treaty of the United Nations that
protects the rights and dignity of people with
disabilities around the world. Last September, the UN
Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
in Geneva met with Iraqi officials and
representatives of the Iraqi disability community
to discuss the situation of persons with
disabilities in Iraq. The Committee urged the
Iraqi government to work with the Iraqi disability
community to improve their daily living standards. [Alessio]: Earlier this
week, criminal gang members killed nine family members
travelling on a road to visit relatives in Mexico
near the US border. Six children and three
women, all dual US-Mexico citizens, were killed. Eight children escaped,
many injured and undergoing treatment in the US. Mexican security officials
suspect the gunmen may have mistaken the family as
rival gangs as they were traveling in large SUVs. -The Mexican authorities
have arrested a suspect, and the investigation
is still ongoing. Drug-related violence has
been rampant in parts of Mexico over the several years. The Mexican government is
struggling to crack down on drug-cartel violence which
resulted in over 30,000 homicides in 2018 alone. [Dawn]: A boat that had
been abandoned on the rocks of the Canadian side of
Niagara River since 1918 has finally moved a brief
distance but then became stuck again! What caused it to move? Last October 31, severe
weather conditions with high winds and heavy
rains caused the ship to move its location. -The boat was known as a
dumping scow, a refuse and garbage watercraft. In 1918, it was involved
in a dredging operation in the river with two men
aboard, and the rope connecting the boat to the
tugboat got disconnected, stranding the boat near
the Horseshoe Falls. The Niagara Parks staff
is monitoring the boat, in case it moves again
– possibly in days, months, or years. [Alessio]: A local tourist
agency in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, is
offering people a chance to escape the stress of life
and armed conflicts onboard a floating restaurant boat
on a beach where they could enjoy leisure activities. Although it is a risky
move, extra security and checkpoints are installed
to protect the beach area from possible terrorist attacks. It is considered an
important step to promoting tourism and, most
importantly, an opportunity for people to forget the
past and enjoy the fun. -Somalia is located in the
Horn of Africa, bordering Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya,
and the Indian Ocean. Life in Somalia is slowly
becoming stable after almost 30 years of
conflict and chaos. In past years, Somali
pirates have attacked cargo ships and oil tankers in
the waters off the Somali coast to hold them as hostages
in exchange for money. -Thank you for watching
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