Would You Fail A U.S. Citizenship Test?

there’s also a curved brought to you by throats palestinians regarded article that i knew
you would love michael and it past that you within the at poll that newsweek did compare sunday’s game espousing americans the u_s_ citizenship test and they wanted
to see how many of these americans would actually pass this test alright and newsweek was somewhat shocked shocked to find that thirty
eight percent of the americans failed the test so you think all u_s_ citizenship test
it probably has some hard questions let me tell you some of the questions that people
feel well on twenty nine percent couldn’t get the
vice president’s name seventy three percent correctly say why we fought the cold war forty four percent were unable to define the
bill of rights and six percent couldn’t even circle independence day on i’ve
calendar yet and that the but that’s six percent i
mean uh… i look at these numbers and i was if you ask me how many americans were person
americans to tell you joe biden wasn’t in the vice president was that’s neither showing
off that i know he was i would have said that it was greater than
twenty nine percent of people who were unable to do it is a red three seven four nine percent
couldn’t sit at greater length i would have said this is a card sharks tears that i can
show on the ocean what are you watching on television i watch in court records but but
uh… that they’ve been hundred people i would have said that that you know that forty eight
percent of them could have told me to do about this and seventy one percent so some of these things
i found you know and to talk about the cold war i mean there’s the cold war you know dividend in nineteen eighty-nine
dan and really one of the before the walk into interest but the point is didint it is uh… it’s shocking considered we teach that history
to some mean people but it was our forty four percent were uh… no answer seventy-three
couldn’t say were fought the cold war i found that pretty surprising yeah that’s extremely
surprising and looked out the reason why this story such a big deal in my opinion is the
fact that we’re using this has to judge whether or not uh… immigrants can be jeans as citizens
in the united states when our own citizens don’t know what their answers are to these questions that’s unacceptable
yeah it is this non immigrants uh… i mean is this is a small pieces generations
you know what you do with who was the people who took this testimony u_s_ citizens right so they could have been they could have
been naturalized citizens that they’re not it’s not like some of his been like that second
or third generation american taking the steps to convince someone who left outside on and home-buying stop messing about uh… follow eight degrees and another thing that’s
so interesting about this story is you know all of the different excuses that
their outlined in this article so although you know yelling from apparently
there was a comparative study done that showed abn but my beloved marion stick in the united
states versus a level of ignorance in europe right so you’re not basically school that’s
when he came to history right away when he came to these similar types of questions and you know uh… historians in the u_s_
an expert in the u_s_a_ well the reason why that’s the case is because european countries
don’t have the same type of bureaucracy we haven’t in the united states and because of
the bureaucracy we have in the u_s_ people become intimidated by all of the information that they need to
learn when it comes to our own system of government cuz of bureaucracy because a bureaucracy that
was one of the excuses and i don’t buy that at all not a mixture of served as a vice president
has nothing to do with bureaucracy should know with the vice president you should know
when the fourth of july is okay or what the fourth of july stands for right in amazes
me that they can circle independent but there are six percent can’t so that means six had any significant c_e_o_ yeah and it’s it’s amazing the hundred-percent
people don’t know when independence days that is amazing six percent of his not mean that are society’s
falling apart unbiased mention it but i i’m the first person
to collect i can’t watch jaywalking because it potentially want people to another side
just gets so incomparable as you can imagine but the same token six percent i think that’s
for you know uh… if you’re dealing with new america it’s
shocking but that’s it’s not uh… it’s i don’t think it means that we’re the breakdown
of american now it’s not the breakdown of american society
but i think alexandra while it is the breakdown american society cap but idly argue that the people who failed
is very simple tasks are on the same level as well as right there with that groups of
all of their all the u_c_l_a_ students from from perfect we figure that we’ve solved set
up a these are these are shocking numbers uh… as always shocking when you here that people don’t know stuff that they should
not and it’s not you don’t have to be deep to know any of these things that’s the thing
and we should be teaching three people should come out of history that’s not a little bit
of the cold war be able to kind of articulate world right and we have a sponsor phyllis uh… they’re
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