Xanthem Gum for Dehydration Remedies for Senior Citizens?

Xanthem Gum for Dehydration Remedies for Senior Citizens?

Hey, welcome to Medical Azul, my name is Joe and today I’m gonna answer a few questions for you like why you xanthan gum in dehydration remedies for senior citizens and How to mix xanthan gum in water. and also at the end I’m gonna give you a ten minute dehydration remedy for senior citizens Let’s go Hey before we start though. Remember to like that video subscribe to that channel here at medical azul While you xantham gum for a dehydration remedies for senior citizens? It can increase the texture and consistency of fluids. Active senior citizens and the elderly Maya suffer from dysphagia, which is a difficulty of swallowing. Always talk to your physician or speech therapist before using xantham gum But now I’m going to show you how to mix xanthan gum in water Alright so rule thumb I use one quarter of a teaspoon to put two two cups of water I’m gonna pour it in into the boiling pot of water alright, and then we’re gonna get a fork or a whisk I like to we use a whisk but you’re gonna beat it up like some scrambled eggs and You’re gonna get all the chunks out Okay, I’m stir it and keep on stirring it until you get all the chunks out. If you have difficulty getting the chunks out That means you put too much xantham gum. You want to put more fluid. You really only need a little bit tiny tiny tiny bit alright Alright now we got the water mixed in with the xanthan gum. It looks great. No chunks and the fluid is nice and thicker Alright, there you go Now we’re gonna add some honey. You can tell look at the fluid and I call it thick it is. That’s good So what we want that’s some honey, and then we’re gonna stir it up and now you got yourselves Dehydration remedy and it’s like a honey tea or a honey water, whatever you want to call it But it should work well for a healthy senior citizen. There you go.


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