Zebra – ZXP Series 8 Printer – ToolBox 2

Zebra – ZXP Series 8 Printer – ToolBox 2

Firmware on settings is where you can
either upload a new firmware to your printer, set up your network configuration,
or change a little bit some of the parameters, like the temperature, and also
the positioning of the card of the image onto the card. So, firmware setting the
first thing you go to zebra.com You download the latest firmware, set it up
somewhere on your hard disk, select here, you select your binary file, and it will
be centered to the printer, and it will automatically upgrade the firmware of
the three main board inside the printer. Here again, it takes at least five
minutes, so be a little bit patient. This is not available for the time being.
Regarding the OCP, you can select the language with your OCP and also its
contrast. This you can do it from the driver or, if you wish, we can do it also
from the operating control panel. It can be easier sometimes. Network, by
definition, or by default, sorry, it’s OCP but you can evidently set up your IP
address if you wish. This one is not there. Now here, interesting, is one way to
change a little bit the temperature of the heated rollers. As you remember when
you go in a general tab, you select your card and when you select your card
automatically you have predefined temperatures. Well, if for example, you see
the card is bent too much or if the card is not printing on all the surface you
can, depending if you print single-sided or double-side, add or subtract plus or minus
10 degree from the predefined temperature. So by default you’re at 0, which
means when you have your card set up if, for example, the card set up is a
set up for 170 degrees you will heat your at 170 degrees. If you are not
satisfied you can go from 160 to 180. If this is not enough, so you put it for
example to minimum or maximum and you are still not satisfied with the result,
then the only solution will be to use custom one or custom two. Those two here
is the printing position, so you have the X positioning of the printed image onto
the card. So if you do have a left or right white borders, which we could also
offset, well you can recenter along the x axis, the wrong one, the image, ok? Just by
clicking here and moving. So we are here talking about 50 minus 50 plus 50 which
is 100 dots and you have 12 dot per inch. So basically you can move it eight
millimeters. So you have some large variation. If you have offsets on on the
y-axis ok, so top bottom, then here you just enter the new value you wish to try
and you can go here from minus one rod to present what the mills. So here again
you have a large amount of millimeters to be able to play with. Those ones here
again, should be left there, so by default, but if you are not satisfied
with temperature try here. If not, use custom one or custom two and here just send a
full image size. One, for example, taken from the principal card which are set up
for the complete cover of the card and if you have white borders top left, ok or
white bottom just modify over here.


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